View at Look Out Point Ampang

Seriously, previously, when I was at LookOut Point somewhere around the borders of Cheras and Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, I remembered. I remembered that time I only have my Nikon D40 camera and my kitlens. Looks like after a few months or rather a year after that, lots of things have changed and now he has upgraded his kit.

By the way, it was a breathtaking view looking from above the skies when you wanted to be free from all the work loads and just want to forget them. This is where the gathering goes on, and continue from the previous post. Yes, after the Karaoke, it was time for some breathtaking night scenery – nearly spoilt due to the rain. Yes, the view of Kuala Lumpur scenery.

Early Night Kuala Lumpur View

Well, we were there about 7pm and you can see the dark clouds were forming up above. Well, at least the sun didn’t fully set yet so we got the reddish background at the back. More like molten lava coming at a distance. But then this shot was shot way too low.

Of course, the rain came and I think it was good that the rain actually did pour. This made us get into the car and went straight up to Look Out Point and have a few drinks there and wait till the rain settle. It’s because of the rain, the sky is also clearer.

Night Time KL View From LookOut Point

Now looky here, the city at it’s dark night with the lights from Petronas Twin Tower KLCC and in the distance is the KL Tower. Now if you’ve been following my thread, you will know that I used to shoot with my kitlens. So I’ll be different a little bit this time. Zoom and have a look at KLCC from a distance.


KLCC Twin Towers

Yes, this is Petronas Twin Towers KLCC from a distance. Yes, photo muchly helped by the tripod. The ground was wood though, so sometimes ground tremors from kids running about will have effect on photos, which made me cut short my photo taking session.

Still hungry for more photos, maybe portraiture photos next as I embarked on my quest to have my first model shoot portraiture. Let’s hope it all goes well eh… 🙂

Till then and good day to all of you too.


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