Flight to Kota Kinabalu Sabah

It was May 1st 2009, a public holiday for everyone to enjoy and also a day for Daniel (DanielCtw) to enjoy his first trip of the year. Whee Hoo~~~ All the way to East Malaysia in the land of Sabah, I look, I see, I rampaged.So at the time of 7:30pm, I boarded the plane using MAS (Malaysia Airlines).

Daniel Pose in Airport Rails

Toook this photo while waiting for my flight to board. Well, credits to Mouse for helping me to take this. Err wait, is it David? *blurs* Anyway touched down and rested for the night. Well, the following day uprising, where else to go? Time to visit the jetty and to the island we shall go? Last year it was Sapi Island. This year it’s Manukan Island. (Though I grew to regret for going to Manukan Island – the crowd~~~)

Jesselton Point Kinabalu

The group photo before boarding the small boat to the island. There are lots and lots of photos but I might save that for later. Well, seemingly Jesselton Point is the only port where you can take those boats to islands like Sapi, Manukan and Gaya. If you’re in Sabah, you definitely would have heard of Sipadan and Mabul, well it’s on the other side and this port doesn’t go there. Well, just in case you thought you can go there using here though.

Manukan Island Full of People

What a mistake it was to predict that the island would be a sanctuary instead turned out to be like a place you see in other towns. There are so many people. So darn many, there are even cooks and stuffs and the amount of people simply made me lose my mood to even want to do anything there.

Well, since Manukan is the biggest island there, it’s no surprise that it’s the only island amongst the 3 to have it’s own resort. That explains the amount of people. But the more the people the more you get to see certain things. Oppps.. what things? Maybe not the best time to post them now.

World War 2 Manukan Island

Though what we did see in this island were the remnants of World War 2 Torpedo shells that are found and are now displayed to the public. Wow… though putting it out on the open air makes it all rust. It’s also the best public display.

Since I am in Manukan Island, time to make my mark here somewhere. Hmm…. what say you? Do some pose…

DanielCtw in Manukan Island

Yes Manukan Island has been conquered by Daniel and oppps sorry for the couple backdrop at the right side. Hehehehe.. Just have to include them into the photo. The sea is so darn clear even though with that many people.

I have so many other things to say, so many other things to blog, but lately been trying to catch up with work and Japanese language. So if I am caught lazying again, do nudge me and remind me to blog.

Take care people. Adios…


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