Daylight Port Dickson

As night time has past, Daniel awoke to find his eyes was blinded by the light, the rays of Sun light brandishing themselves on the faces of the 4 dwellers of Port Dickson. (I is PHAILED…)

Back to reality, can you imagine, 4 of us didn’t get our sleep and by the time we know, it was already daylight. Port Dickson is having it’s high tide now. With high tide, comes strong wave sounds and wind. With wave sounds, it feels so relaxing.

Waves At Port Dickson

Colors though in Port Dickson especially the beach is not as appeasing as the beach in Redang Island though. Well, they are both on a different class of their own. One’s on the east side of Peninsular Malaysia, another one’s on the right. So definitely what one can expect too. But wait, what if I wanted to make it pleasing to the eyes of visitors and future visitors of Port Dickson, just look below.

Blue Waves

Woootss… So blue, so serene, so nice the waters in Port Dickson. Haha.. the power of Photo Imaging Software. Need help in beautifying your photos 😛

Pigeon At The Beach

You’ll never expect to see PIGEONS though in Port Dickson, ravaging for food on the sandy beach at 11th Mile Beach. Hmmm… a bird on the beach. Interesting, wait till you see the next photo.

Jane Poses

Ahemz….. Ahemz…. who is that?? someone caught looking at the horizon and the waves.

Waves Against Rocks

Nature is really amazing. The waves, the rocks, the splashes they make. It was clearly a sound so smooth, so relaxing. Well, until someone could really sleep there. Well, someone did took a nap during the waves and splashes and stuffs.

Now look what he did?

Sleeping Peacefully

Imagine that… The Sleeping David on The Sandy Beach of Port Dickson.

Adios… *poof*

ps : Thank you all who wished me on this my auspicious day. Yes, Thank you very much….
pss : no no… I am not getting married.. It’s just a birthday!!


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