Night in Port Dickson

It was a night to remember. Well, a night without hotels, a night where 4 different people from different background got together to have a fun trip out of the blue. Well, the 4 different people though it was fun to be in Port Dickson singing songs at night reliving the beach mood. Well, you better believe it.

Singing Songs During The Night

The beach we were is at Port Dickson Bayu Beach Resort. Softest sand you can find over there. I still remembered it was over a year since there was a trip to Port Dickson. Well, if you have the props, why not enjoy it. You’d think that the guitar is only used for playing music. Well, you can start imagining other things now.

Kung Fu Guitar

Of course there are other photos but who knows AaronWoolala might put it up instead. The Kung Fu Guitar Technique was lost for a few years and looks like it was handed down to two Kung Fu practitioners. You never knew a guitar was that useful ehh…

So who are these 4 people? Well, instead of talking more and going on and on… here they are.

Group Photo danielctw
From left : David, Jane, Aaron (back), Me

What’s the point of going to Port Dickson at night if it weren’t for Barbeque or maybe enjoying the waves and breeze. Actually the wonders of going to Port Dickson at night are the night life you get to see where during the day it’s never too easy to notice. Oh yeah… yes, the breeze at night was as though like a hurricane is coming along. I was amazed at how strong the winds were.

Walking Crab

Crab… What crab is this? Flower Crab hor? This crab was as big as my fist, okay.. maybe it’s smaller a little bit, but then it’s rare to see a crab upclose unless one checks the fishing nets and all that. Well, you need to go to 11th Mile to get a look at those critters. Also lalas (clams) can be found at Blue Lagoon beach. Didn’t know that right 😛

3 salt water fishes

The tiny salt water fishes are also around and near the shore during the night. There are other species of bigger crabs during that night, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture it. Imagine people just going to the beach relaxing without knowing they can see lots of things during the night.

Who ask me to be adventurous? I think it’s a part of me. Dang… oh yeah, sorry though, it’s been a while too since I last blogged 😀


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