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Journey to Kota Kinabalu

It’s time, the flight to Kota Kinabalu is preliminary. Well, and what a time to travel when the flight is 6:50am. Well, early in the morning and the journey’s around 2 hours. To me and my group, it was a time worth waiting for. ...Read More

Niu Ze Xui Visitation

Have you ever heard of a place call Niu Ze Sui NZX (牛车水) ? Yeah, it means bullock cart water???? Argh… my direct translation is really bad. Well, blame it on me for not knowing proper chinese words. Yes, anyway that’s beside the point. ...Read More

Genting Highlands Retro

If you haven’t been following, this is the continuation of the previous Genting Highlands Trip with Shouters. Genting Highland Shouters – Part One Genting hasn’t reached it’s limit. Well, previously we only have 5 of us in the car. Well, what about the rest??? ...Read More

Genting Highland Shouters

Remember the ShoutOuters, the community from ShoutOut. Yes, this time a few of us are crazy enough to go up to Genting Highlands. Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to Genting, though actually I was there 2 weeks ago before this trip but ...Read More

Your Penang Gang

Remember the Southern Trio?? Yes, the trip has not ended with more trips in mind for the next trip planned ahead. Where will they think of going to next? But before I even talked about where’s their next destination, their trip in Penang hasn’t ...Read More

Penang Sightseeing

Pictures are coming. Looks like it’s the first Penang Trip of the year. Yes, 3 guys from KL went all the way up to Penang. The same 3 that went for the ShoutOut Penang BBQ just a month ago. We’re just always going up ...Read More

ShoutOut Penang BBQ 3

Remember People there, click the Read More »» button to see more photos. ———————————————— The hopefully final installment of the ShoutOut series in Penang Island. Yes, for those that don’t know, it was supposed to be held at the beach but due to bad weather, location ...Read More