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Redang Kalong Got Crashed

Would you believe it’s now already one week after the first day of Redang Island trip with fellow and friends and ShoutOuters. It was that long, it really is. Here am I sitting and pondering, what a wonderful time most of us had. Well, ...Read More

Gunung Nuang Waterfall

Expedition to Gunung Nuang, the group that will be going up and climbing the whole time. Well, not necessarily climbing all the way to the top, but nevertheless at least reach to the first waterfall stop. Well, along with both of my Sony Alpha ...Read More

Going Sabah Finale [Beach]

Yes, after what seemed to be a long winded post about Sabah, I decided to end with a few shots and the last of it with the title of let’s go to the Beach. The only Jetty on the west side of Sabah, Jesselton ...Read More

Bagan Lalang Posers

Previously in Sepang, dated 31st May 2008, a group of crazy people went to Sepang, Bagan Lalang and was amazed that there is a clean beach in Selangor. Okay.. not so clear as Redang but nonetheless better than Port Dickson. Well, seems to me ...Read More

Sabah Sceneries

Sabah, the beauty of it. East Malaysia where most of the islands and landscape remained untouched. The land of tranquility and the home of the biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia. Oh yeah, this was the only flower I found that was alive. ...Read More

Bukit Tabur Video Done

I’ve got nothing much to say, but finally youtube and streamyx didn’t die on me when I first had this video. All I can say is this is one of the nicest activity done during this climb. Though you guys need to tilt your ...Read More

Descending Kinabalu Mountain

Oh my, I didn’t know I really had a lot to post up for the backdated Kinabalu trip. Well or rather the Sabah tour around. Of course if you’re still clueless and didn’t follow the previous posts, here’s some flashback. Journey To Kota Kinabalu ...Read More

Redang Trip June

Don’t know what to say, but let’s take a break from another Sabah adventure and focus on what’s coming up next? Yes, there will be a trip up to Redang Island in the coming month, though the number of people going is still not ...Read More

Trekking Up Mount Kinabalu

Remember the post from previous. Journey To Kota Kinabalu I forgot to put in this weird photo. Okay, lame….. but of coz this was taken in a wide angle way. Yes, it’s still in Kundasang War Memorial Park when I took this photo. It’s ...Read More