Jump As Much You Like

You know what to do? Everytime someone is on a holiday or going somewhere, it’s good to jump, but some jump in a very creative way. Well, some of them jump like how some other people jump, some wanted to do it a bit different. Some can’t even jump <— HAHAHAHA… Some are just weird when they are jumping.

What’s with all this jumping? Letting you decide who are the jumping winners!!!!

Well, we even had 2 pretty ladies to officiate the jumping festival in Redang Island Jetty.

d40 userbar

Presenting You Jump I Jump Series

Now thank you for the presentation, let’s move on to the participants.

Presenting myself, Hugo Lim and Aaron@Axial.

danielctw failed in jumping

Obviously I failed in jumping, and thus I was eliminated this round. Hugo had a very impressive umbrella ella jump while Aaron has his trademark kung fu kick jump to kick me off the festival. danielctw has failed terribly in this round.

Then it’s a showdown between Hugo and Aaron, who will prevail?????

Hugo Gave Up Jumping

It looks like Hugo finally gave up as Aaron does the Floating Crucifixion Jump. Aaron is doing very well in jumping competition, who else can ever challenge him to this jumping competition. With the first round casualty, Daniel and Hugo already out, who else can it be? Wait… wait….. I see someone coming up for the challenge.

The GGP Jump Story

This comic was done for the benefit of readers. 😛

Well, there you have it, no win no lose. It looks like both are expert jumpers. It’s a Aaron & William showdown which in the end turn out to be a new GGP entry.

See the Flying GGP in action.

See the Flying GGP

William and Aaron having a go again with their OK sitting Yoga stance. Can you feel the love…… *pukes in the corner* (no offence to gays out there, no pun intended)

Hehe.. what’s GGP, that’s for you to find out later. By the way, with the way they’re jumping, I can’t even show my superiority in it. I guessed I just have to stick to being a pole poser. A pole poser? What’s that?? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s how it looks like.

Pole Posing

It’s as if one part of my leg is missing. Weird….. Well, too bad… it’s alright. I am what I am. Say, what happened previously that I didn’t blog for quite some days, you guys must be wondering right? So in order to help you people to feel the suspense, this was what I’ve been doing these past few days.

danielctw new theme

Yup, Daniel is preparing a whole new theme, been testing it with any possible bugs and stuffs. Seemingly as this blog has become more of a photography and thoughts blog, it’s wise to choose to be a little bit more stylish. It’s tough trying to play around with all the CSS stuffs and avoiding the <table> option whenever needed.

Be sure to check it out. By the way GGP means Gay Gay Partner.

Once again, if you love reading this, be sure to bookmark or subscribe to my feed and have a wonder week everyone. Adios….


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