Going Sabah Finale [Beach]

Yes, after what seemed to be a long winded post about Sabah, I decided to end with a few shots and the last of it with the title of let’s go to the Beach. The only Jetty on the west side of Sabah, Jesselton Port. By the way in case you didn’t know, Jesselton was what Kota Kinabalu was called before you know it was changed to Kota Kinabalu for obvious reasons. Malaysianism.

Here is an excerpt how it became known as Jesselton.

In 1899, the site for setting up a base on the mainland was named Jesselton, after Sir Charles Jessel – the vice Chairman of the Chartered company. Soon after the administrative centre was moved from its location at Gantisan.

I’ve got to hand it over to the tourism industry there for preserving what seemed to be an old phone booth.

Old Phone Booth

Done with HDR on a single JPEG file. Still don’t get what is HDR, you can refer to Wikipedia to know all about HDR imaging. But just before we leave for the island trips and beaches and sandy bars, have a look at their port.

Jesselton Bay

Amazing isn’t it. Well, guessed it’s time to get your ass over to Sabah now. 😛

Where to destination?? Pulau Sapi, one of the most beautiful island of the west coast of Sabah or rather Borneo. Hmmm… and I had enough of the HDR imaging that I didn’t do it for the following photos.

Pulau Sapi Rocks

Just look at the natural waters of Pulau Sapi or Sapi Island. It’s beauty is still there. Over at the horizon is another island called Manukan Island. If you’re wondering, there are 4 different islands in the area and why Sapi Island, well, wait till you look at what’s in store for you.

Sapi Monitor Lizard

One of the 6 or 8 Giant Monitor Lizards on the island. Yes, it’s amazing how some tourist goes over there to catch a glimpse of these gigantic creatures, though if you’re looking for the cousin, the komodo dragon, then head on to Indonesia. They might have it in the zoo.

Sun Tan Island

Well, Sapi Island used to be a place for tourist to go for topless suntanning only for the government to say that it’s inappropriate to go topless suntanning on the land of Malaysia due to strict laws, etc. Maybe that’s why more and more people are going to Bali instead just for suntan. You know, the famous Kuta Beach. Hee hee….

Over Exposed Beach Photography

An overexposed photo being taken. Well, what I meant was the lightings, what were you all thinking?? You must be thinking, nice area, yeah… I so wanna go back to East Malaysia and at least spent a night on the island. Also to climb the majestic Mount Kinabalu once again. Anyway, it looks like time to go home.

Bye Bye Island

Time to say bye bye to Sapi Island. Hopefully I’ll make a comeback the following year. But until then, if you’re thinking of joining me for a climb up Mount Kinabalu next year, drop me a line here.

Looks like another 4 to 5 more days to Redang Island. Yeah~~~~


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