Visit To Kuala Terengganu

Welcome To Kuala Terengganu, that’s what the signboard says. Well, actually one would have figured that Terengganu would have been kinda old town but there is a China Town in Kuala Terengganu. I was amazed actually and this signboard was actually what greeted us to the China Town part of Kuala Terengganu.

Oh yeah, fast forward first to Kuala Terengganu post, the shots taken below were all post-Redang island photos as we’ve already left the island. Don’t worry there’ll be more shots of Redang Island when I get my last remaining photos.

Welcome To Kuala Terengganu

So welcome to China Town… and just look around and have a look at the buildings there. Awesome building designs that I thought I could only see it in Melaka of the Baba Nyonya prestige.

ChinaTown Terengganu

Those black stuffs on the sky are swallow birds. It seems one of the houses there housed a few of them swallow birds to harvest their nest for Bird’s Nest Soup. You should have seen, there were speakers everywhere around that area that protrude the sound of Swallow Birds just to attract them there. Good idea.

Impressive Signboard

Weird… cool signboards that attracted a number of us to take the picture of it there. Who would have imagined that there is a signboard for location of the important artifacts and buildings just in Kuala Terengganu town. Haha.. Machu Picchu 19,782 KM away, let’s go all the way there. If you could though..

Finally it was going to be 5pm and the gang has got to get back to the office to get ready to go to the bus stand in Kuala Terengganu Bus Stand. Well, before that a few of us had a group shot in front of the Istana Maziah (Maziah Palace) and they have nice garden out in the open.

Let’s all pose and thanks to Lasker for taking this photoshot. The sky spoilt the photo, I jsut need to crop it out. 😛

Posers at Kuala Terengganu
From Left : Hugo, Aaron, Lee May, Lisa, Elise, Angeline, Wendy, Me & David

In short Kuala Terengganu is a nice town to visit, though it’s also a small town and quiet place. There are lot of durians when we were there. Though unlike Kuala Lumpur, it’s a very very serene quiet place. Of course there is the ocean there compared to Kuala Lumpur (Mud Valley)…..

Well, sad to say I have to end this post once again, and seriously I missed this outing with the Shouters at Redang that I hope that the coming other gatherings and trips would be interesting. Well, here’s one more photo though.


danielctw,aaron,leemay at Terengganu


ps : Those that asked about the colored reflection on the photo in the previous post, here’s your answer.

Real Reflection Photo

“Do Not Kill Me”


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