Redang Kalong Got Crashed

Would you believe it’s now already one week after the first day of Redang Island trip with fellow and friends and ShoutOuters. It was that long, it really is. Here am I sitting and pondering, what a wonderful time most of us had. Well, it was fun while it lasted, though I think I lost my cap to the bus, my shades to the sand, and my memories of the dive trip in my dive log book. Yes, REDANG ISLAND was fun.

Nikon D40

Snorkelers Embark Boats

The ones that went on this trip were ……

Guys : Aaron, Hugo, David, William, Satkuru, Lasker & Me
Girls : Wendy, Lee May, Lisa, Angeline & Elise

By the time we arrived, the sea was so blue from the reflections of the sky that such peacefulness could be felt within. Well, just looking at the above picture would tell you how clear the sea was. Yes, stayed in Redang Kalong, the same place I used to stay for the past 2 years. Seriously a good place for divers to visit.

ShoutOut Group Photo

Seeing that I am a regular in this place, it was to my attention that I would bring my camera while the rest of the gang goes snorkeling. Well, I meant in Marine Park though. Marine Park is overrated for old visitors like me, but it is indeed a good experience for rare Redang goers. The amount of people in the Marine Park is simply uncountable. You’ll see in the next post when I touched about the surroundings and sceneries.

Snorkel Group

Armed with my 55 – 200mm VR lens, that was the furthest my lens could go. Well, I should have opted for the 70 – 300mm VR lens but as fate would have predestined me to limit myself within the budget. Well, like someone said, those lens are good for ‘sniping’. Especially the 2 partners in crime, following the darkhorse all the time. Hehehehe….

Decent CloseUp Snorkel

Just below the jetty and I’ve got 7 of them. Look at the sea, it’s translucent and you can actually see the coral bed below. Now that’s how clear the water was and you can see the smiles on their faces. Well, it sure was fun being down there right. With murray eels, Giant Black Grouper and Nemo (Clownfishes) and sea cucumbers all waiting to be seen.

The photos are nice, but I am missing a few other photos that got destroyed in the corrupted Hard Disk. So now I have only one camwhore photo with another Shouter, Angeline. Well, she’s my D40 co-camera person. Hohohoho…

Redang Boat Camwhore

Clearly the sun was shining like some global warming was around and here we are taking photos. Sorry for the unshaven look though, well if I was shaven, I would look super duper young.

So did you had fun looking at these outing shots we had. Yes, all this are possible as we got to know each another through a ShoutOut widget. Besides we have 2 new ShoutOuters who have joined us on this trip. Glad to have you girls on board. 🙂

New Girl ShoutOuters

Meet the new members. Lisa and Lee May. Funny though, both starts with ‘L’ the way I call them. Until many more trips and many more adventures, we shall meet again yeah. I heard someone said Pulau Perhentian next? Perhentian Island?

ps : Angeline don’t jealous you’re not as fit as me and Lee May. WAKAKAKAKA


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