Descending Kinabalu Mountain

Oh my, I didn’t know I really had a lot to post up for the backdated Kinabalu trip. Well or rather the Sabah tour around. Of course if you’re still clueless and didn’t follow the previous posts, here’s some flashback.

Journey To Kota Kinabalu

Trekking Up Mount Kinabalu

Kinabalu Mountain Descend

It’s only wise that since the previous post was tracking up Mount Kinabalu, the next post would be descending from Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu). Since it’s already daytime when most of the shots were taken, it’s bound to be clear.

Random Hikers of Kinabalu

Yup, there are people from all over the world. Some Russians, but mostly Americans. Well, I’ve met a few up there and I was at the least amazed, they flew all the way to the east from the States to England, then China and finally ended up in Sabah just to climb this peak. I just love those clouds. Yup, the offer is still up for grabs. I am going again next year, and looking for more people to join in.

Kinabalu Plants

But whoever said the view on top the peak would be lifeless and boring is so going to be wrong. Small shrubs and flowery flowers are growing quite well here. Those plants you don’t get to see on sea level. Yes… yes… colorful they are. But the coldness is getting into me and I was tired for what seemed to be like 5 hours climb from the middle of the peak till the peak. So down we go all the way to the checkpoint.

Timpohon hut

I’ve finally reached Pondok Timpohon (plain English is Timpohon Hut), and it marks the end of my climb towards the highest mountain in South East Asia. That means it’s now time for other adventures. But before that, I’ve got something to show you people.

Kinabalu Climb Record Breakers

Okay, so who’s up for the Climbathon 2008 instead. Judge those times of 2007 and see whether you can one of the top contenders. Oh my…. This is so gonna kill my legs if I ever attempted this. But then what the heck, I am going to train more.

Bamboo Garden Poring

Poring Boing BoingThen after coming down from Kinabalu, a day rest and the next day it was a journey to Poring. Poring?? Those Ragnarok Online monsters? Ya, those that play Ragnarok Online will know that Poring refer to those pink color jelly creatures. But surprisingly, what does Poring got to do with a Bamboo Garden?

Well, in case you didn’t know, in one of the native languages, Poring means bamboo. Yes, just look at the size of those bamboos. Feels so big compared to the ones I see in Kuala Lumpur. *sweats*

But then later in the Poring Garden we were welcomed by a Friendly Visitor (no,… not that ShoutOut Friendly Visitor okay) None other than one of the original natives of Sabah, the Orang Utan (Jungle Man).

Ooooo… ooooppphh… akkk ahhhahahkkkkkkkk..

Orang Utan

Never have I seen an Orang Utan so tame, so good in posing that he loves to smile in front of my Nikon D40 with Kit lens 18-55mm. Imagine how near I was. Well, wild animals be wild animals, but these Orang Utan is really tame. Just see the next photo and you’ll understand why.

Orang Utan Wannabes

Ho…. priceless. For everything else there’s Mastercard. Oh what the heck am I saying, this ain’t no mastercard commercial. Well, just look at that, will you look at that, Orang Utan wannabes. Hahaha.. not really, they just want to take photos with the Orang Utan. First it was only one, she’s the white mice, then all of a sudden a gang rushed in to take with the Orang Utan. I bet the Orang Utan must be thinking, “I thought me alone was enough, and now there are so many people wants to be like me!”.

Well, the people up there are the group that came from Penang. Wonder will I ever meet them ever again? Hmm…

But of course whatever happened to the group that I brought up together? Well, fear not, for here they are and get ready for their next adventure stories. Haha.. I think the picture gave the clue up.

Rafflesia Garden Group Photo

From Left : Mouse, Ching, Ling & Me

ps: I seriously need a ND-8 Filter for other shots.


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