Bagan Lalang Posers

Previously in Sepang, dated 31st May 2008, a group of crazy people went to Sepang, Bagan Lalang and was amazed that there is a clean beach in Selangor. Okay.. not so clear as Redang but nonetheless better than Port Dickson. Well, seems to me a good time to start taking more photos. And I did not expect Bagan Lalang which is located nearly 80km from my home is actually in Selangor. Truthfully I didn’t even know it exist.

Bagan Lalang Scenery

Going to these places, I really need to make my presence being felt there. So then just go with the flow and have your picture at the background. Well, got to get myself ready for beach environment for Redang this coming 20th XD.

Cool Pose Daniel

Seeing the sky was so bright when we reached and the water tide was high, if only if only, the waves were splashing at the rocks. That’ll be perfect.

“Aiyoh… this guy talking non stop about his pose” – quoted from friend.

Bunny Hand Sunlight

There are lots of things one can do. While we were photographing the area, imagine us reaching there about noon and waiting for the sun to set. So it’s time for some fun shooting. Decided to play with the sun and hand. It was fantastic. With group of friends together.

By the way the sun was about to set. So I brought along my tripod, but too bad, had fun shooting without a tripod instead. Well, sometimes it’s good to see what else can one do. I bring you 2 shots.

Shot 1

Sun About To Set

Shot 2

Serene Blue Bagan Lalang Scenery

Yup, busy playing with the lightings and it’s a wonder how when one looks at another perspective, able to achieve a picture with classic features. sweats… I am gibberishing again. Guess that’s what made me weird. But all thanks to the fine weather and Mr Sun for helping me achieve these shots.

I must say I am thankful for this trip. If it wasn’t for Wai Seng and Nath for organising this wonderful trip, I doubt I’ll even get to know the rest of them like Michelle & Eri Peng & Nath (first time seeing these people).

Group Photo Bloggers

From top : Aaron, Me, Eri, Eugene, Jessica, Steven, Nathaniel, Wai Seng
The one Below : Michelle

Okay Bagan Lalang was awesome, good place for me to leave one final mark here. Well, the scenery just reminds me of Way Of The Dragon.

Kung Fu Kick

Wa Tahhhhhhhh~~~~~~ Everybody Loves Kung Fu Fighting~~~ Hiak~~~~

ps : I suddenly miss my Tae Kwon Do and Wushu Classes.


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