Gunung Nuang Waterfall

Expedition to Gunung Nuang, the group that will be going up and climbing the whole time. Well, not necessarily climbing all the way to the top, but nevertheless at least reach to the first waterfall stop. Well, along with both of my Sony Alpha buddies and another Dark Side (Nikonian), we’re going to go on the hike.


Here’s a description of Mount Nuang (Gunung Nuang) based on Wikipedia.

Mount Nuang (Malay: Gunung Nuang) is located in Malaysia with the height of 1493 meter. Its peak marks the meeting point of three Malaysian states; Negeri Sembilan, Pahang dan Selangor. The mountain itself is the highest point in Selangor and part of the Titiwangsa Mountains.

There are three hiking routes to the peak and all of them were built by Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Two of them start in Selangor; one at Kuala Pangsoon in Hulu Langat and another at Kampung Kemensah in Gombak. The third path originates from Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang. Genting Highlands is visible at night from the peak.

So onward we go!

Gunung Nuang Walk

Snap!! Snap!! Snap!!

So we are now at the waterfall and eeerr… why is my photo dark. Well, actually right, I put in my ND filter too fast. O_o

Reached The Waterfall

LOL!! We’ve got someone who is good in posing there. Ho! Ho! Ho!

People kept saying I take better scenery than portraits. Well, in a way, I believe that is so too, that’s why I am Nikonian. Or maybe just that to me I hardly take portraits as I take scenery shots and environment more. Well, when you’re an adventurer, you’re bound to take more scenery shots.

Waterfall Stream

Not that nice yet. I am still far away from the subject. Need to get closer. The small waterfall stream here really makes me feel calm though. Nature lovers…. where are YOU?

Nuang Waterfall

This shot was only 5 seconds exposure. Not recommended to exposed too long if you don’t have a Filter or a tripod. It was bright that day, I only had a ND4 filter that day, I finally got my ND8 filter now too. Ho ho ho!!!

Of course I now love to take pictures of waterfall already. So what do I think about this trip, I love to go there for photo purpose but if you’re talking about the hike up, it’s not as interesting as Bukit Tabur.

danielctw in Mount Nuang

Nothing to see, just pose with a tripod then. Signing off…

YES!! I am still in Redang when this post was up!


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