Sabah Sceneries

Sabah, the beauty of it. East Malaysia where most of the islands and landscape remained untouched. The land of tranquility and the home of the biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia.

Rafflesia in Viviane Garden

Oh yeah, this was the only flower I found that was alive. Too bad, Rafflesia only lives like 1 or 2 weeks depending on how long it can last. So it’s a very rare flower to see when you’re in Sabah, if you’re unlucky, none to see. Well, I thought that when I descend down the trail from Mt Kinabalu, at least there would be one to see 🙁

Magic Pineapple

If you think seeing a Rafflesia was rather worth it, wait till you see the super fruit, the Magic Pineapple. Yes, funny right, this is really an out of shape pineapple. Somehow those green thing above it makes it looks like it’s hair covering the balls grass. So bushy so SWAMP THING! O_o

Waterfall Stream

Of course this isn’t the best picture there is but here is part of the waterfalls near Poring Hot Spring. Hmm… ND-4 seems too overexpose for this. I need a deeper darker feel. Was testing my filter. Not too shabby though. Though finally we couldn’t stand it and decided to head to the booked condominium in Kota Kinabalu town. Yes, that means we have like 2 more days to stay. Was a bit bored so went out and took some scenery shots.


Evening At The Jetty
Gave me a perspective, too bad my tripod missing the connector. My camera move left and right.


Jetty Perspective

Hmmm.. finally the lamp came out and it’s suitable for the shot. Though sometimes if there are stationary humans out there, it’ll look perfect. Try another take


Night Time at Jetty

Night has come and playing with a bit of settings, getting some light flare. I am still learning photography and this hopefully is not the end of my photography career. So what do you think of the 3 of them. Which one do you like?

By the way, instead of just sceneries, if you’re a fond traveler, and if you know about Sabah, yup… they’re famous for their cheap seafood. Of course, I prefer we just go and cook our own meal with the fresh seafood we bought. Whee hoo… and here they are.

The Food Before Our Eyes

What?? Not clear?? Can you make do what are the dishes? But betcha’ the one of the far end.

Lobster for Dinner

Yup, we had a giant lobster. Though later I realized they don’t know how to cut it, and it’s up to me to display my culinary skills instead. *sweats* That’s all for what one did in Sabah? Isn’t Sabah supposed to boast about their beautiful serene islands. So for teasers, just bear with me and have a look at the following shots.

Beach Time

Woops…. Too exposed the lighting. One more post, up for wraps and I can finally wrap it all up.

Sorry been quite busy lately playing Diablo II. Will ensure no such nonsense next time, unless really busy 😛


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