Beautiful Redang Sceneries

Not enough of Redang, the first part of the Redang crashing was more of the people that are in the trip. Well, it was at first hard to organize a trip such as this, but then looks like I enjoyed doing it. LOL…

If you missed the first part, here it is….
Redang Kalong Got Crashed

Well, I guessed enough of people in the photos, I want to see the sceneries and the sea there. What a better way to showcase it then to have it feature on this blog eh… Well, a lot of other photography I should also research. I am still not as good a photographer like those with high tech kits, but with a D40, I think that’ll do.

Nikon D40

Redang Reef Resort from Laguna Beach

While walking on the Long Beach on course with the Laguna Redang Beach, here’s a scenery shot of the Redang Reef resort along the rocky ground with the sea overlooking it. Though it’s been like 4 years since I stayed in Laguna.

But what about Marine Park, the very famous natural reserve now being taken care by the marine park personnels. They really do keep check all their corals there too.

Redang Marine Park

Though the amount of people there made me lost interest in snorkeling. But if you haven’t yet snorkel yet, do give it a try, the corals there are breathtaking. Those still clueless, Redang Island is situated on the East of Peninsular Malaysia around the lands of Terengganu.

Marine Park Surroundings

I love this photo the corals are just below and I was like standing on the hill taking shots like this. In another end, there are the bigger boats which is quite deep to even reach the coral end. Okay, I made myself missed Redang Island once again.

Well, night falls, and there goes another round of photos. A distorted moon, or moving moon?

Orange Moon Over Sea

The owner of Redang Kalong told us there will be a rising Red Moon showcasing out from the horizon. We waited while on the way to the Long Beach and yes, it was breathtaking, though the picture of it is very orangie due to the light settings in my D40. You really got to go see this when you’re there. Be warned though, you can only witness this awesome view if you’re staying on the beach along the east of Redang, so it’s a NO NO sight for those staying in Berjaya Resort on the east.

Moonlit Sea

Well, reached Long Beach once again, and this time the moon was shining and the full moon. Woah, it glitters the sea and makes it a romantic kind of feel. It feels kinda nice looking at the sky, with the stars above. On a clear sky you are bound to see countless stars.

Well, though there is one shot I really wanted to share with you people. On the 2nd night, there are flashes of lightning after the storm. Here’s one clear shot that I’ve got. It’s bright at one side due to the crazy lightning activities there.

Lightning Flashes In Redang

A lightning streak. I love this photo too. Well, now I can’t wait for the next island trip. What more, I can add more dive logs. I need to create my own dive log template. I see Lasker’s and Elise’s dive log book, I was mightily impressed with it.

Enough of Redang, or still want to have more photos of it, there’ll be more coming up in my Flickr account and if by request, there will be another post. All depends….

Adios and God bless.


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