Penang Sightseeing

Pictures are coming. Looks like it’s the first Penang Trip of the year. Yes, 3 guys from KL went all the way up to Penang. The same 3 that went for the ShoutOut Penang BBQ just a month ago. We’re just always going up Penang eh…

KL Guys up To Penang
From left : FireWire, ME & Aaron

Mind me, as we are coming from South, so henceforth the Southern Trio. Okay, we’re not a triad or anything okay, just so happen that the three of us are free once again to go up Penang and have some fun meeting the rest in Penang, Pearl of the Orient.

This time going up to Penang is more than just meet up, we have come to a conclusion that there should be more sightseeing and more food hunting, so off we go to certain places, where I try to capture some of the scenic views in Penang. Well, too bad my camera battery’s gone dead on me or there will be like lots more photos to play around.

Asia Cafe Air Itam Penang

Asia Cafe in Air Itam was where I had my first Penang dim sum. Well, it was indeed fun, get to eat food and thanks to JJzai for bringing us out for breakfast. Really appreciate all your troubles. Even Kuey Zhap and also the loklok (satay celup [dip])
Monument Penang

Other than just eating, we went sightseeing, here’s the monument near Padang Tembak (Shooting Field) where there’s a memorial for all the war dudes. Penang has it’s history which is also a reknowned island during it’s glory days.

Cannon Fort Conwallis

See that cannon!!! Try to guess where it is! It’s at Fort Conwallis.Yeap, too bad we went on a Sunday to visit, because it’s funny, that place is closed to public on a Sunday. Yeah, the day which one would expect tourist to visit, and they have to close it on a Sunday. So I missed the big ship, the horse riding army in the Fort itself. Dang…. I will go up there once again!!

G Hotel, Gurney Drive

One thing that caught a few of our eyes is the alphabet G. Yes, it’s the logo for G Hotel in Gurney Drive area, and with the upcoming Lunar New Year, no wonder it has the spirit of putting on a Chinese Hat. Fantastic!!! Simple name for a hotel but catchy… Well, all is not well, if there are no pictures of human beings.

Sunglasses Models

Who would expect that we have sunglasses models in Penang. Hahaha!!! Taken just outside Queensbay Mall, the place looks nice, but not all seems what it seems. We just love to take photos, and now you know! Well, where am I in the photo?? I am the cameraman, and usually cameraman has lesser photos. *sobs*

i am glad this short 2 days trip to Penang was still a blast even though it ended abruptly fast. Here I would like to thank a few people who had made time to come out and meet us. Thanks to Saewei, Wendy, Satkuru, Willazz for accompanying us most of the time. Also to Angeline, who followed us on the trip up North even though some minor mishap happened, I hope you enjoyed your short stay too. Chee Hsien who went out and met us at Subaidah mamak near Tanjung Tokong, and last but not least, AhLok who helped us with the accomodation. You guys rocks…. Is that it???

Next in Penang

Doubt So!! Stay Tune! But if you want to know more about Penang or just find yourself travel around Malaysia and stay tune for more adventures


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