A Day Out at Penang

This post was way backdated, but yes, I had the privilege to visit Penang Island again shortly before my Tibet trip. Yes, it’s way before my Tibet trip which was like half a year ago. Now how far back that was.

Ahhh… Penang reminds me when I am back at Malacca. All the old buildings, the unique buildings which you can hardly see in the now modern city of Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention a lot of history back then, which we get to visit now.

Some really old means of travel, the trishaw.

Up till now, I don’t think I’ve ever sat on a trishaw after I was 12 years old. Darn, that reminds me of my age. I am getting older. Nevertheless, the older one gets the more things one can do, eh wait, the more responsibility. Arghhhhhh!!!

Unlike previous trips to PenangΒ  (Pulau Pinang), this time I got the liberty to go on a tour of historical buildings and places of interest as this time we’re being guided by our guide, Su Lyn and also we were to guide a German national (plays Volleyball) to tour around Malaysia’s Pearl of the Orient.

One of the places we get to visit is the Khoo Kongsi. Well, seemingly is like a house full of Khoo’s (people who come from the ancestry line of Khoo). Superbly big, and the Khoo Kongsi is the biggest Kongsi in the whole of Penang, the street you’re looking at is the Cannon street. The reason : A cannon was fired towards this street. Huh?? Yup, during the war.

But I thought Penang is a strategic location to defend the Island???

Take a look at Fort Conwallis. Once long time ago, it was the fort to guard the city from the attack from the ocean. Now only a few remains of the Fort is there. Guess it again, this time I did go in after many times trying to visit the place only to find that it’s close on Sunday.

The cannon is now rusty, but look Jonas (the German guy I was talking about) just had to pose alongside the cannon. I should have asked him to do a photo shoot. He’s tall, way way tall. When I say tall, it means…..

This TALL. I only reached his shoulder. If you’ve met me, you will know how tall this German Volleyball player is. (pssst.. he’s from Saxon, girls, too bad he’s taken)

Of course, a fort won’t be called a fort if there’s no defense area, and a place to produce gun powder for the cannon. We need gunpowder and so that one can POW POW POW.. KABABOOM!!!

As light was insufficient, this is the best I can do. Though one can just put sand and call it gunpowder, noooo.. it’s the real thing.

Being in Penang, it’s not only the places of interest. It’s the food too. Well, food can come another time as I am writing this when I haven’t had my dinner. So I ain’t gonna show some food pics. But of course, going to Penang, you just had to buy those biscuits from Him Heang. Where’s that? I ain’t sure cause there was a guide to bring me there.

Look at the obscene amount of queue just to buy BISCUITS. Serious!!!!!

After talking about food, I am so hungry I can SUCK A BALITONG. What’s that? Have a view from my previous Penang Trip.

Suck Suck Suck~~~ Even Jonas had a try. Seriously I ain’t a fan of this sea mussel but if a tourist from another country can do it, so should I.

One response : WOOOT~~~~ I wanna eat again!

Finally after all that, meet the gang and the place we bunked in.

From top: Charles (rockers)
From bottom left : Khong Wai, Weird One, Su Lyn

Purely traveling and having food and sightseeing. A different experience for me. Should do this more often as I am not Penang lang (penangite).

Finally ending with a photo of a food in Penang. Anyone can roughly guess what’s this?


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