Penang Trip Part 4

danielctw thinks you all bored jor see liao so many penang story, this one last ok. Later other place nia..
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Penang Bridge

The beach and it’s time to say goodbye!! But wait wait.. what interesting things on Penang Island the beach area??

I’ve already eaten Penang Laksa, Penang Kuey Teow, buy tao sar piah, sure lah must go beach. Fui yoh… so stay lah me at Tg Bungah, which is very very near Batu Feringghi. Come to think of it, heard that it’s like a cheap traders place during night time at Feringghi there. Lotsa ang mohs there somore.. So me go check check.. Then decided nothing to camwhore about.. It’s like Petaling Street nia in KL. =.=”

Alien Crab

You all saw the crab right in previous Penang posts. Now you see closeup. Actually got other shots, but my external card reader spoil liao, so cannot read from my 2GB SD card. *cry cry* So I can only give you all plain plain shots of the beach. “Beh Song” liao eh? What itu crab doing? Finding food ka? Ehh… got something on the other side. Wait me go see see ok??


Wa lao eh.. got star fish somore on the beach area. Die or not?? Starfish gonna kena attacked by the alien crab. Fast fast save yourself wor…

Warning : This is a weird stupid lame joke by danielctw. No animals were harmed in the making of these story. Coz both of them are already dead. KAKAKAKA!!

Sea Waves

Looks like the sea is starting to have waves. High tide o.O wah… fast fast run. But then hor, then hor… saw someone still enjoying the waves. What they do at the beach ar, wave la… later Tsunami how leh? I no guarantee. You see what they do??

Wedding Photo at the Beach

Wa lao eh… so romantic eh.. Take wedding photo at the seaside. So nice. No need go so far to Redang to take, in Penang also ok. Though I duwan take at Port Dickson, coz the sea there black black one. Kakakaka!!!

Well, though danielctw would recommend, taking photos at the seaside for wedding photo is nice. But can take alone ah? Sure can! Sure can! So that’s why I don’t want to be left out. Me also want go take photo first. he he…

Penang Pirate

Pirate Of KL in Penang Island at Batu Feringghi. “Ahoy!! I am going back to the sea!! You wait and see Davy Jones a.k.a Minny Bwahahahahha!!!!!

Minny don’t kill me!!!

Ho ho… so what’s next? No more Penang liao, it’ll be going down south liao. Stay tune!!


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