Your Penang Gang

Remember the Southern Trio?? Yes, the trip has not ended with more trips in mind for the next trip planned ahead. Where will they think of going to next? But before I even talked about where’s their next destination, their trip in Penang hasn’t ended yet.

KL Guys up To Penang

Well, just so that I really enjoy my experience in Penang, this time it’s the rest of the gang, who made our trip as fun as ever. Now shouters are really posers. They can even do a pose when they’re walking on the way back. Now that’s what I call awesome. For those that couldn’t catch Willazz‘s on the photo, the one below is one with his signature cap. Nice can??

FIR Wannabes
From left : Willazz, Satkuru & Wendy

But when you’re talking about being around with the gang, there’s bound to be like a big brother guy. Some of you don’t even know who’s Ah Lok, and here’s our big brother (Dai Lou) ordering Aaron Woolala something.

Big Brother Ah Lok

Woah, imagine the sweatness. One good thing about being a Shouter of is that across borders, we all made friends and this is what made me realized, friends can be made if we take the time to start making friends. So people, don’t just sit down in front of the PC and play video games all the time. Woops… it’s like I am referring to someone I know, no pun intended ya..

Weird Fire Hydrant

Of course, when I go out for a photoshoot with the group of us, I would also love to take some weird photos for display. Well, I wouldn’t call this site Weird Weird Denial for nothing if there aren’t at least sometimes weird photoshoots. This fire hydrant, it’s near the MPPP. Huh?? What’s MPPP??

Penang MPPP Building

The MPPP stands for Majlic Perbandaran Pulau Pinang or it’s English equivalent, Penang Municipal Council. Well, the structure really took me by surprise. Such magnificent building, though it was spoilt with the red color shadow at the right due to some event with a red umbrella reflecting it’s color back to the building.

Hmm, talking about buildings, I can just imagine if there ever was a movie in Malaysia, and the people from Tokyo decided that they should do a Monster movie like Godzilla, wonder how it would look like?

Godzilla Attacks

OMG!!!! Godzilla attacks… fear not, we’ve got a contender in our very own country. Before proceeding, the next picture was made out of fun. Don’t murder me yeah…

The Manzilla JJ

Here’s The Manzilla… Pushing a apartment block situated in Taman Farlim. Runzzz………


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