Jalan Jalan Pulau Pinang

Walking around (Jalan Jalan) Pulau Pinang (Penang Island), after my Penang Bridge Half Marathon 2010 I had one half of a day to go around the island. Well, particularly it has been almost 2 years since I set food foot here. It’s also like 3 years ago when I first came here in 2007. So what is Pulau Pinang famous for? Of course, it’s the variety of food one could get to eat.

What happened after the run, me and Kyuzo were practically asleep until 2pm and got up to find lunch. Decided to eat at the mee goreng (fried noodle) stall. Well, enough to satisfy the hunger I supposed.

Wah Kiang Seafood Lok Lok

Soon it was night and our host, Ms Su Lynn brought us for food. I decided to opt for Lok Lok (food dipped in hot water) for dinner.

Lok Lok

Fret not, this is only a part of what I had.

Secret: I do eat a lot BUT I also don’t really gain weight. *BISH*

So after that it was a drive to Batu Feringghi in the night and time for some night shopping for *ahem ahem* DVDs. After that about 10pm, decided to head back to Penang town to try the Koay Zhap (pork lard in starchy sauce) which I haven’t had for 2 years. ARGHHHH… didn’t get to. It was close that day. I was wondering did the uncle took a break? Maybe he ran the Penang Bridge Run also.

Soon we just head back to the house and had our fair share of watching DVDs and doze off soon after.

Next morning, it was a working day, Su Lynn needs to go to work, so were dropped off at Original Kayu Mamak Restaurant. Me and Kyuzo ate Nasi Lemak (Scented Coconut Rice) and Tosai (Indian Thin Crusted Flour Bread) and Vadai (Indian Biscuit with chillies) each. Well, that’s what you get for running in a run. Appetite has grown bigger.

Nasi Lemak Original Kayu

Nasi Lemak is still a local delicacy. Though excessively eating this could lead to very high cholesterol level.

On the first day, I still remembered taking photos of how my weird mind perceived them to be. Here are a few shots.

Beware of Dog Signboard

BEWARE OF DOG…. errrr where’s the dog?

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant?? What’s the use if it’s already opened?

Of course let’s come out of my weirdness and look at something else instead.

Red Stumps

Now where is this place? Some people might recognize it though. I am sure the next picture will roughly tell you where I was.

Daniel Chew Beyond Penang

Ahem… still ain’t sure? No kidding.

Snake Sculpture

Ahhhh.. finally, something familiar? Yes, it’s a sculpture of a snake. One of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. The most magnificent one. Of course, how about me taking a picture of myself with one of the animals that somehow would finally reveal my age.

DanielCtw with Dog Sculpture

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I am working like a dog. Seems to me that’s what it means.

Fish Pond Bokeh

It’s just so many pictures one can take here. Even a signboard can look better than normal. It’s all about the angle.

Bonsai Plant

Sometimes angle plays an important part when taking a photo. How one position their photos and camera. This is something I would talk about in a new website that I am doing and preparing. Learn more about it there.

If you’re still clueless as to where’s the location. It’s at Ke Lok Si, the temple up on the hill near to Ayer Itam. Speaking of which, there’s a famous food up around Ayer Itam. Wait for it… wait for it….

Ayer Itam Asam Laksa


Look at how thick the gravy is. Yes, it was me, Chin Ann and Kyuzo once again when Chin Ann fetched us from Original Kayu restaurant and from there we headed towards Ke Lok Si and now for some food before we head home to Kuala Lumpur again. It’s better to eat some Asam Laksa (Sour Assam Laksa).

Uncle Poses for Air Itam Laksa Stall

What was the response after eating this? Here’s what.

Kyuzo and Chin Ann after Asam Laksa

Chin Ann had 2 bowls of Asam Laksa and Kyuzo smiling after having his fill of Asam Laksa. You can see how delicious it is.

Then finally it was time for us to leave Penang. It will be many more days before coming back to Penang once again. Who knows, it could be the year after with only a few more months to 2011.

Kyuzo Misses Penang

Though some people took it too seriously as he looked upon the shores of Penang Island and wondered to himself.

Yes, we took the ferry back to the mainland. It was then a drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur. So see you again Penang Island. Who knows, I’ll be there most probably next year Penang Bridge Marathon 2011. This time aiming for the 42km run.

Bye Bye Penang



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