ShoutOut Penang 2

Warning : This post is full of photos so I am warning you people just in case some still using 56k modem 😛


Well, this is the second part, in case you missed the previous part of this Penang trip, here’s the recap of it.

ShoutOut Penang 1

Yes, Friday on 14th December 2007 was Wendy’s birthday. So who’s the birthday girl?? Here she is!

Wendy Birthday With Cake

Yes, you can imagine the amount of cameras on the birthday girl and cake. Well, it’s really scary. Bloggers doing what they do best, taking countless photos and keep on shoot shoot shoot *click click click* *snap snap snap*!! Wah…. the flash lights, the sound. Well, actually I am one of them too. LOL!! Eventually Aaron, Firewire & me came straight without eating dinner, so off to dinner we go and the shouters tagged along. Wheee~~~

people gathering secret recipe gurney

Photo taken by Chee Hsien as he was playing with the camera. See, myself am inside. Wonder what the birthday girl is doing?? =.=” Like wanna grab something, *BALL* maybe. WAKAKAKA!! Well, anyone knows where this place is?? 😛

Gurney Place Meeting

The Shouters discussing where to go after that. Well, or maybe they are just nosy and talking about I have the biggest BUTT or “I Catch No Balls” or maybe they are just gathering without a purpose. Hehehe… Well, in the end, they thought of one thing. It’s “LET’S DO A POSE!

ShoutOut Posers

I mean, in the middle of the road, we have 2 ShoutOut Models. Really good posers!! Envy Envy Envy!

Well, it was worth having some photoshoots with the Shouters in Penang. But knowingly the three of us came from KL, we definitely don’t want the day to end, thus we ended up staying late late at night and started doing weird things! Willazz joined us!

Aaron loves to grab

Aaron seems to love to grab anything like a stick!! Hehehe.. don’t angry ya!

2 Shouters With Card Games

Really nothing to do. Setting up of the Cards Building. =.=”

Since it was the last day of this girl’s Birthday! Must bully kao kao!!!

Pokes In Action

The POKES in action!! Now face the attack of the century!! Well, I think after that everyone went “Ki Siao” (Crazy) already and went back to sleep! Tomorrow would be a long day!

Apartment Rasa Sayang Penang View

This is the view from the Sri Sayang Apartment that we stayed! Too bad it’s not beside the beach though! Anyway while bored, we went out walking. Just imagine this photo while walking!

Priceless T-Shirt

If You Look at the t-shirt, it makes people sweat. Well, just count the cameraman and you’ll get 2 people behind the guy in front!! But second day nothing much to mention! Just that night time we got to meet up with Minny, Imin, Everlyn, Emily and Richard! Fuiyoh!!! Hot leh!!

Surprise Visit by the Hotties
From left (below) : Minny, Everlyn, Imin
From left (top) : Emily, Richard

Hot leh!!! Seems like only 2 heads looking at my camera! The rest looking elsewhere! But then the moment we have all been waiting for! What is it?? Here’s a preview!

Sugar Baby With ShoutOut

Sugar, JJ’s mia doggy promoting ShoutOut!! 😛 Wait for the next episode of ShoutOut Penang 3!!!


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