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shoutout family 2007

The ShoutOut Family. Ok, so I was in Penang once again!! Got someone bugging me to post photos, why??? Coz I am one of those with the cameras, too bad most of the pics are not that pleasing to the eye. So can’t upload all. Well as you can see, the above are the ShoutOut family at Gurney Plaza! Let’s tell a story here!! 21st July – Was in Penang for a short company trip. While danielctw was there, looks like Bon Odori is being held there. OMG… I go all the way to Penang and join in the Bon Odori instead of the Shah Alam one back in KL. To think that this is my first Bon Odori festival thingy too.

From Penang ShoutOut

You can wonder just how many people there were on that day. The bon odori dance held there. Look at these people who were in awe when they saw the dance. Hahahaha!!!

From Penang ShoutOut

Likely dialogue

JJ : Ehh…. look at Lasker dancing!!

Wendy : Ho ho ho…. so nice… so cute… jump like rabbit Hehehe!!

Angeline : Ha ha!! Later you all sure gonna get it!

SS : Ho ho ho… Angeline not looking now. Go smash her with these balloons first!!

ShoutOuters, don’t kill me ok?? He he he *runs*. Anyway back to the topic.. ever wondered when you’re in Bon Odori, one usually will try the Japanese food. Look what these people do instead!! Instead of Japanese food, they went for Ice Cream. This is hilarious..

Now you see! The Ice Cream gang of ShoutOut! Lasker would be proud of you all for eating ice cream to promote ShoutOut. I’ve think some of you must be wondering, what’s this ShoutOut? Look at your right on my blog page. ShoutOut is like a community chatroom. How to get one. Hop over to and get yourself a ShoutOut box. Then all of us can shout together-gether.

So whatever happened to me? Where am I in the picture! Too bad didn’t camwhored with anyone of ShoutOut there.. Ehh wait… I think I did with my own camera. Oh ya… It’s Minny! Hahaha!! At least got one photo… Classic leh…

Told you is classic. I am an amateur in posing for the camera. OMG… I look lame!! *stabs ownself with a imaginary knife*. I should really bestow the Posing Queen award to Minny. HAHAHA!!

So there you have it, my short short trip in Penang. Though this is only about ShoutOut! There are still adventures still untold. Till then adios, wait for my next update!!


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