ShoutOut Penang BBQ 3

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The hopefully final installment of the ShoutOut series in Penang Island. Yes, for those that don’t know, it was supposed to be held at the beach but due to bad weather, location was changed to JJ‘s house. Yes, so off we go but shouters still have fun. So instead of me elaborating, have fun with the chickens, lamb (did we have this??), sausages, fish!!

ShoutOut Penang 1
ShoutOut Penang 2

Chicken Wing

The BBQ-ers

Yes, all this was mark out to celebrate the ShoutOut gathering of the year. It was a big gathering, and it was fun. So in order to commensurate this event, whenever there’s a party, there’s bound to be a cake. Well there are of course other ShoutOut gatherings too, even Kuala Lumpur people also had their gathering.

ShoutOut Cake

Now whenever there’s a gathering, there are bound to be some people who stand out from the crowd. Yes, ShoutOut has shouters with their own uniqueness. We have the DIVA, Cedric.

Diva ShoutOut Cedric

Cedric doing his pose! OK!!! Though I know some of you are looking at something on the left. Who is that??? Hahahaha.. go guess!! People People, please focus, we’re talking about BBQ ok!!

Gangster Gathering of ShoutOut

OMG!!! Aaron doing his Eye Thingy again. The other two (me and Satkuru) are trying to think of a way to pour their Pepsi and Coke on him. Hehehe… Well, Aaron is like in Penang as if he stayed there for a year already. O.o See how he threatens you.
“See what?? Want die ka… I give you THE EYE!!!!”

When you have a gathering, there are bound to have lots of funny things and some people have their fun and twist with questions. One of my favorite question can be seen in this picture!

Sand Eating Question

For those that still want to try this question, tell me your answers in the comment box. Hehehehe!!! Reaffirm it. Spread the word…. *woops*

Finally the last but not least the group photo with a pinch of laughter. Well, of course me being the one holding the camera this time, I won’t be in the picture.

shoutout penang group photo

Not enough questions, how about this?? Who can give the best tagline and what do you think she was doing? Come come, give your comments. Wheeee~~~~~ Looks like this is so called the end of the joyous ShoutOut meetup.

If you still don’t know about ShoutOut, see the box at the right at my menus, the one with the ShoutOut logo, yes, just say a Hi and yes, that’s the community there. Now Is this really the end?? Who knows, I might pop in a picture or two the next post.

Anyway the New Year is coming!! Wished you people a Happy New Year 2008. Take care all and have fun with the questions 😛


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