ShoutOut Penang 1

Yes, finally… the moment some of you have been waiting for. My trip to Penang Island once again, this time going up on 14th December 2007. Yes, I took leave from work to go up to Penang Island, The Pearl of The Orient. Well, now who joined me? Yes, it’s Firewire, Aaron. Hahaha…

Driving to Penang

Wooo.. look at the car. Guess who’s the driver?? No clues?? Then just look at the next picture and you will know who’s the driver!! Of course I am the one sitting at the back with lotsa space for my long legs HAHAHA!!

The Eye Pose

Haha… this clue is so obvious. If you really don’t know who this is still, you should start to get to know the Shouters at Well, we all have our uniqueness, like the Eye, Poot Poot, sand eating, mish mor mor, etc and also not forgetting the one and only Takeshi Kaneshiro. Hehehehe…

Yes, the journey started at 10am and we were caught in a short traffic on the way up. So with no breakfast at all, we just had to stop somewhere for breakfast. Mind you the time is now 12pm LOL… What did we get to eat then??

Dunkin Donuts

Too hungry, anything goes. It’s neither J. Co or Big Apple but anything goes. Well, bought a dozen and shared between 3 guys. Haha.. I think it’s perhap the wrong time to eat the so called Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch)

Well, then let’s carry on the journey, but but but…. nature has it’s way of telling us that it’s a hot day and rain has to come visit.

Rain Rain Rain

Rain like cow and chicken. Must be The Sand Eating Monster come haunting the sky and thus drip all the saliva on the windscreen. Ehh… just because it’s raining, the road is slippery but the driver doesn’t think so. Cool down driver, don’t drive too fast.

But time has reach 130pm and this time we wanted to be different. So we ordered ‘CHICKEN‘ from IPOH. HAHAHA!!!

Ipoh White Chicken

Ipoh Taugeh

Hungry eh??? All this happened before we even reached Penang, which the chicken at IPOH town. To catch a glimpse of Penang, visit my other posts here on Penang. I guessed I need to modify my blog template once more. Cause there are certain codes need modying!!


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