Ultraman Pose in Pavilion Malaysia

Ultraman came down to Malaysia and this time in order to clear all those nonsense politic problems we have in Malaysia. Oppps.. wrong channel. Fear not, Ultraman Dan and Ultrawoman Yen is here to the rescue. They were sighted in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur showing the finisher pose of the Ultraman.

Ultraman Pose to Have Fun

Imagine now, Malaysia is now safe. With the combination of Ultraman Dan and Ultraman Yen, Pavilion is safe as of now.

Ps: For those that do not know about this, have a look at a reporter’s photography and you will see the heroes of our yesteryears when Ultraman was the IN thing.

Ultraman in KL

Sometimes we need to bring out the fun in our self. Flash Beam~~~~~ piu piu piu Ultraman Strike

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