Weird Eating Durian with Rice

Have you tried eating durian with your dinner? Your lunch? Or even your supper. When I say that you eat it together, that means by mixing them both up and the both of them are on the same plate.

Well, I do and this is all thanks to my dad who taught me this unique way of eating durian. Basically it is superb. Coming from a Malacca born dad, most of us can use our hand at home while eating. So hand + durian = durian rice.

Durian Up Close

Most people who does not eat durians does not know what they are missing. There are many tastes from different type of durians. There are the bitter ones, the creamy ones, the fleshy ones, the one that taste like alcohol ones and many more others. I seriously like those bitter ones (taste like alcohol) though, rather than the sweet ones. Nowadays there are too many grades of durian, where we used to have only D42, Musang King (superb taste, a must try), D50. I could not keep track at all.

Durian with Rice

So now you know that I can actually eat durian with rice. I am hungry for a durian party. Anyone organizing anything. Remember durians, remember Daniel Chew, remember danielctw remember that it is not so weird after all.

Durian Anyone? Sekali Cuba, Hari Hari Mahu!!


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