Many faces of Daniel Chew the Weird

I shall do a brief introduction. It has been awhile since this web was renamed to Daniel Chew the Weird. Well, not that I am weird but weird in a different way. It is like saying I am weird but weird in a special way. I think differently which people usually do not think it that way. Let us say that I am able to somehow twist and turn certain things that it turns out weird. All in all, it means I am just weird. See, I guessed I am starting to confuse you with my weirdness.

Wondering DanielCtw

Just a while ago, while I was playing Magic the Gathering card games, while everyone was making decks to win (winning to most people is considered fun as long they make it competitive), I find making hilarious decks superbly fun. Though I might not win all the time, it is when I suddenly see their weird expressions when I win it with the deck that gets my adrenaline rushing. You know how weird their eyes started rolling when a weird deck starts beating them.

Oppps.. let us go back to what I was saying, Daniel Chew the Weird is what means. Just look at the initials and you will get what I am talking about. Now what about the many faces of Daniel?

At times I might be wacky, doing some crazy stuffs (like jumping and trying to get that perfect pose) or I love to take my own portrait like how those girls love to take their own reflection on the mirror (rather than looking at the camera, look elsewhere, it changes the mood).

Not Camera Shy DanielCtw

Like the above, it has been awhile since I did a jump shot and boy, my physique has changed quite a lot. Somehow I felt I no longer used to look like the young boy that used to blog in this blog doing more cute faces. These are but a few of the faces of me. The Wacky. The Serious. The Poser.

It has been like 5 years since this blog was established back in 2006. Reading back how I used to blog, makes me miss my childhood days (rather college days). Unlike now, as I grew older, my mind start thinking more and more things as more responsibilities are coming my way. You could say that, most bloggers mature and changed their style of blogging as they grow older. Just look at Kenny Sia, he has also cut down on his blogging and focuses more on his business (GYM). What about me? I might be the same age as him, but we all have our different goals in life. (Oh my…. lecture time? Skip it)

Though that does not stop me from what I love to do in my life. I love to travel. Now where was my recent travel place? The next photo would at least summarize it all.

DanielCtw in Redang Kalong

Aha… that was where I was recently. Of course, next time I might give a crash course on how to pose? Why do I feel that I can pose well? You will know, sooner or later what I meant by that. Live life wackily and crazy and weirdly while one is still young. Time passes by in a flash.


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