Blogging, Life and Worries

 Hola. What happened these past few days? I was really stressed out.

Wait……… me???? Stressed? Not really stress but more or less some problems I have ongoing in my weird weird life. Hold on, what is this? A blogger rant? Well, you can call it that way, or you can just call it the epitome of a blogger’s life, to entertain, but as usual, we are all human beings. Aside from that, it has been like awhile since I have also dwelled on real life posts.

Being a salary man, I live on my salary. (But didn’t I earn from blogging? – My blog money only enables me to eat peanuts. Enough said) Without my monthly paid salary, I feel weak and cash flow has been very bad due to these past 2 months. WHY?? Salary was not in for 2 months. Imagine everyday eating only simple bread, gardenia waffle. The waffle taste good though. This brings me back to the days when I was still studying in college where in those days, I ended up skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner and only had supper (I eat a lot if I want, and also do not need to eat when I want). It is like I have this weird stomach, which adapts to the situation (maybe that is why I am with this body size).

If Only Stress Can Be Solved This Way

Amazingly, people think I have a decent pay due to my trips I have gone. Well, if I am you would have seen more trips on this blog which is like non-existant nowadays. I am just a humble salary man who saves his money for these trips. I was not born in a rich family unlike the lucky people who do (which I think made me the saving type).

Work has been a change for me. For those that know me, I have been a Java developer most of my working life and now slowly adapting to a new working life. It feels different, but then nothing untoward. Imagine 6 years of using Java and finally those skills are being put to rest. Though lucky I am coping well as of this date.

My social life has also changed. One is due to the resources I am lacking (no ‘tani’ sessions, no gaming sessions, no blogger events session). What does blogger events got to do with this? First and foremost, most blogger events are free, no charges. Cool… Some blogger events have goodie bags. Cool… Until we derived the part where we have to travel like 40 to 50km to and 40 to 50km back. Now that is so not cool. For something free(goodie bags, vouchers, movie passes), we tend to travel all the way to collect them and that is when we forgot to factor in the other charges of petrol, car tire wear, car maintenance, sleep time and others. I guessed I am slowly becoming a hermit who factors everything that is a cost. Wait I do have a social life – if Sims Social on Facebook counts! What a sad case right?

Life is sad and unexpected when you least know it. There are many things happening out there. For a person like me, I have been keeping tabs of what people thought of, what people tend to do, but sometimes we never know the details until someone spilt the beans. We look at things superficially and we never tend to look what is beyond that.

Some thoughts about BLOGGING

Those days, I aimed to be a prominent blogger as the blogger bug has not really hit most people yet, but look at what blogging has been doing to the blogging community now? Are the bloggers even called bloggers anymore? I meant those claiming to be personal blogs. I can see mostly posting about events and nothing more. Somehow people nowadays blog to make money rather than to blog (If you do not understand this metaphor, either my English is too ‘powderful’ or it is too deep the same way I do not understand some Chinese proverbs). In lame man terms, what does one blog? Their aim to be known? Some bloggers do go for events, but when they blog, they add some personal flavor to the post. Take for an instance a blogger I know, who goes for events and blog about it. That blogger does not blog the way most people blog like it could be seen in like any other blogs.

Take this scenario.

Group Picture Funny

An event was held. Bloggers gather. Bloggers snap photos (Mostly snapped at the same time, same depiction). Blogger go back and post their photos and talk about the event and say it was a great time and met these blogger and that blogger and it was a great event.

After the Event

While saying it was a great event (maybe they wanted to please the sponsors), they do not portray what is so great about the event. The only thing I can see coming from the blogs are just the events photo (some direct normal shoots which most blogs already have), a group of people in those photos who attended (maybe so that other bloggers can go to your blog and grab that photo and increase their hits), and more photos of the lot (well, girls who blog like this would be an exception as most people who browse their blogs just want to see a pretty face, as for guys who blog like this.. SAD CASE). So is there discrimination? There is no discrimination. Guys who read those female blogger blogs are mostly interested in the photos and tend to just skip those lengthy words. Most female readers though would pay attention to both the photos and the text along with it. As for male bloggers, if you are not someone well known, someone who does not have humor in your postings, someone who cannot take nice photos or photos of other ladies, you stand at an odd of 1:100 for people to actually caring about what you blogged about (if you’re chasing for the fame of blogging). Of course if your blog is not really a personal blog and more or less about travel and food, then that is good. At least that blog has direction.

My thoughts about blogging stopped. Like they said, why bother? Well, then just do not bother about this post then. Though if you can actually read all the way till here, it meant it could also mean something else right?

Back to the point

Age is catching up. These years are supposed to be like the most stable years. As age catches up, more problems arose. Hair loss, health problem, body gets easily injured internally, body gets tired easily, sleeping time gets lesser and lesser, work and responsibility becomes greater, wealth management becomes an important factor and so much more.

So then what is my purpose of blogging these stuffs? To rant or to prove a point? To instill my thoughts into the readers? Or to make them sit and think about these things which usually people do not have any thoughts about it.

How long has it been since a post like that from the Weird One? It must have been very long. Strange! Though I have many ideas to blog in terms of life meanings and some thoughts about the social life, security and relationships. Although, it is also wise as a blogger to balance some lengthy post with another kind of post. Imagine this, if all my posts were words, who would even bothered to read at all (unless the whole posts in the blog is about some one night stand script – which reminded me about a blog).

When one Grows Old

People change as they grow up. People see things as they grow older. The world is getting dangerous due to the fact of increasing inflation happening everywhere. The nasi lemak 20 or 50 cent that we used to buy is nowhere to be found. Now if one is lucky it is at least RM1.50 to get a nasi lemak or usually we can find one at RM3.50. Times have changed. We have so many devices which our parents before that do not have at all. We have mobile telephone, slowly we have smart phones. The demands of people are getting higher. People are copying everything. The younger generations are so obsessed with Korean dramas, up till the point they dressed like them, fake eyelashes, doll themselves up but till the very end, they do not have those Korean features which when revealed in public, I feel that they have put themselves into hot soup (but I guessed they do not really bother about it as they do not care what people see, though that is what they say when actually what they wanted people to see is their image).

Seemingly I think this piece has gone further than what it was meant to say. Indeed I have much to write out on this blog post but doing so would have made this post into an article. I will save my writings and thoughts for future posts. I think I will write an article at least once or twice a month for thoughts of life.

Notes: If you think that you have something to say, you can mentioned it at the comments session below or if you want to approach this blogger and talked to him regarding something, you can always email this blogger at the contact page or directly to his email me[at]danielctw[dot]com.

Signing out without much thought.






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