Political Prostitute an insult to Women?

Today as I go on my daily life, in the office reading the daily Sun, I have learnt new words. Since it has been a mundane and painful week (post-marathon effect, more on this soon), I have decided to amuse myself with the political scene in Malaysia.

Political prostitute? What a funny way to get ejected from a state assembly because of these words. When I read the news over the Sun Newspaper I was astounded.

Nga Kor Ming when he had longer hair

From my understanding, the following words Political Prostitute can meant someone who sells himself for the means of being too involved in politics. From The Sun, it seems that one of the reasons Nga Kor Ming was asked to withdraw that statement was because of the reason of an insult to women.

For more insight of the story, here is the link.
Taken from http://www.thesundaily.my/news/218425

Deputy speaker Datuk Hee Yit Foong, who was presiding, asked Nga Kor Ming (DAP- Pantai Remis), who was debating the 2012 state budget, to withdraw the remarks as it was an insult to women.

She said, “It is an insult to women. Retract, or else I will not allow you to debate. Your mother and grandmother are also women.”

I wonder why? Was there a gender issue over the word political prostitute? Well, Nga could have used political slave (but that would meant something else). So in the end, I cannot think of anything wrong if based on The Sun itself. Maybe there is more than what was said, but I am sure you can be a judge to that.

Now imagined if I said political puppet, then later people say I am being derogative. Then if I said, political slave, I am being demeaning of lower class. How about political servant? Politically disabled? In the end, I think everyone would be forced to be nice in an assembly. I guessed that is how it would be. All things could be argued in the politic scene. I guessed that was what made politics drama like in our beautiful country.

Actually my case in view is how does one relate political prostitute with women? I still do not get it. Please explain. Also why are they fighting over something like political prostitute and frog? Why?

My 2 cents worth or my random weirdness. Also why am I suddenly talking politics. Must have been some weird medicine I took earlier. Doggone it.


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