Being Older and Wiser?

Sometimes we feign that we are young all through these years, thinking that time stopped for us. Seriously though we are getting older, which we all cannot deny but are we wiser as we get older?

Wise Weird Daniel Chew

As time passes by and as technology emerged, many people seems to be caught up in the age of IT and technology. Not owning a smart phone these days felt out of place (nothing wrong with not owning one, but just that sometimes we have to keep abreast with the current technology in this world. It does not meant that it is a necessity but it is complimentary).

So did we actually get wiser as we start to use these tools of technology? Or did we get dumber because we use these tools to look for our answers? Does our brain malfunction or rather use rather less brain cells because we rely so much on the computer or smart phone or any electronic devices to help us find the answer?

What are the boundaries? What are the limits? Why then does the school do not allow students to use a PC to search the World Wide Web for answers during answers? Well, some people say we should not deprive them of the benefit of being able to access the internet to look for answers but why? Is it to boost memory strength? Though how come what we did previously does not apply in the working world since we get to have our hands on these gadgets to help us do all the work.

You must have been wondering!!!

OH NO!!!! Not another one of those WEIRD DANIEL moments where he starts thinking of things and start telling and boggling other people’s mind

Though sad to say, he (The Weird One) is back with a bang (not gangbang) and will relive what he does best on the blogging world. To blog about his thoughts and not just his travel log or photos to showcase.

Back to the topic, are we wiser as we grow up? In what sense? Is it because we have gadgets to help us, we are wiser? Or do we use these tools to help us when we cannot do anything else? So many questions, so few answers which I would expect later on.

Legs Behind Sea

Sometimes it is good that we have the capacity to think. Not everyone is fortunate to have time to rest on the beach and ponder on thoughts that boggle their minds but like I said, anywhere would do. In life, we ponder about things at times which does not concern us.

Why do we do that?

These are things which help generate our mind receptors and also to make sure that our brain is still functioning. Why do humans worry? Worry?? We all worry for a reason, but it is also subject to our ability as to how we handle our worries. Some do not even understand the reason of why do they worry. Well, things go and come as they like but there are many things which raises a lot of questions in our daily life.

I guess life has a lot of meaning. This topic can go on and on with so many questions to be answered but leave very little answers to be given. Perhaps right now, the person reading this blog does not even understand a word of what this blogger is trying to say. Some even think that this is gibberish. Some even think that this is too deep, not something which they could fathom at all.

Some also thinks that I am using big words. Well, once a while, let the blogger relay what is in his mind. After this post, he will be his carefree self again. I am sure that will bring cheers to a lot of folks out there.

Till my next WEIRD thoughts!! Adios.

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