Port Dickson Leisure Trip

Port Dickson is just about 1.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and there are few notable beaches in Port Dickson which are still acceptably clean. Staying in Glory Beach Resort would let you witness the release of baby turtles

Photo Using Sharp Lens

Taking photos nowadays is not about how well you position yourself and take at a certain angle. You can say it that way, but put another photographer with better lens on and if they take the same angle like one did, whose photo would turn out nicer? The …

Staying In Tokyo

Visiting the land of the rising sun. First day and I found out why is it called that way. Here I am in Tokyo, Japan.

The Weird, The Spider Tells a Tale

A photo of a spider in the eyes of Daniel Chew. He wonders at all things weird as this spider soon discovers that he is the main subject of Daniel Chew. It took about 1 minute to get at least a decent shot of this fast moving spider.

Wedding of Vincy and Jimmy

Jimmy and Vincy having their wedding photos being taken and this has given Daniel Chew another opportunity to practice some shots for the lovely couple. Enjoy looking at these few sample shots.

Wedding of Jenny and Vincent

A brief photoshoot of Jenny Chee and Vincent Gan in a Chinese Wedding Ceremony where the bride waits for the groom in her house. Daniel Chew had the honor of photographing the bride during this ceremony in Melaka.

Necrotic Ooze has a friend, Griselbrand

Yo MTG fellas, it feels good to tell you after the spoiling of partial cards of Avacyn Restored, a new card will be a part of my deck. That is none other than Griselbrand the new Demon Legend which was trapped in the Helvault (refer to Innistrad storyline …

Challenges in Life

Life is always a challenge. Many people have different ways of looking at life. Life is never easy, people who take it too easy is either lazy or just have no goals in their life. As we grow older, we have responsibilities and this instill challenges in us.

Swollen Foot Outcome

A swollen foot after a sprain can be dangerous or maybe it is only a simple sprain. Though one should take care of their foot and be careful with sport injuries.

[Poetry] Ikan Bilis Breakfast

Ikan Bilis Ikan Bilis Sambal Ikan Bilis High 5 Sambal Ikan Bilis A bread a day Is what I wanna say Oh yeah I am gay Just to rhyme with May Going to work in the morning Makes it so damn rushing All because of driving When most …