Earth Day Run 2015 University Malaya

Finally what seem like a year, or  rather a hiatus of not logging my runs are like searching for the needle in the haystack. Running was what used to be my passion, but after a long break last year, it is time to go back to my fitness regime.

So it began with Earth Day Run 2015 held at University Malaya. Considering after not running for a long time, I participated in the 10km Run. No idea of how the trail would be, I gone into this run without knowing if there are slopes while running.

The run started at 630am. The run started simultaneously where all participants of the 10km run ran at the same time. More on this later though. The first 2km it was smooth sailing of course, with a light jog. Considering that I have to go through people who are basically walking (why join the run in the first place???), I paced through the ‘walkers’ expecting this run to be a breeze. Then at the 2km mark, the dreaded hill came into the action. Not wanting to slow down my pace, I kept going and going and going until cannot pia already, bo lat (cannot push already, no energy). Nearly 3 quarter of the hill and I started walking. Sad.

running track University Malaya

The route was tough due to the hill. After the first hill (yes, there was a slight second one), a drink station was spotted. Huh?? No water, but Red Bull Energy drink. Second station came right after the 2nd hill, no surprise there though and finally water.

Arrived the finish line only to know that it was supposed to be 2 loops around the same trail. Really ‘bo lat’ already. My target now is more like within 1 hour 15 minutes. Gone were the days when I can do sub 60 minutes.

Here are my split timing. Each timing per km.

My Split Time 6:48 | 6:29 | 8:05 | 6:24 | 7:21 | 7:36 | 8:54 | 8:04 | 7:08

Why are there only 9 record?? Reason behind this is because the run was only 9.64km on my GPS.

Here are the statistics.

Distance: 9.64km
Speed: 8.1km/hour (slow…..)Time: 1:11:33 (should be 1:10 since I off my app a little later)
Total Climb: 87m

Finally after the run it was time for some photo session with my apparent medal (a plant ^_^) and a few photos with a few friends.

daniel chew earth day run 2015

Great running with you people.

Running with Colleagues

danielctw running colleague

Running and Met Up with Kokorobox May Wong

danielctw maywong

Finally the shot of the podium for the International Women Runner 10km


Psst… the 2 Japanese girls :P~~~


Definitely could do better with more training and get back to run fitness once again. Instead of a medal, I got myself a plant. (Wooots). Ran with a bunch of colleagues and met up with a kokorobox and ex-schoolmate in this run too. As usual Adele Wong is first in the podium again.


Organizers ensured that enough water is distributed during the run and after the run. The Milo truck was also found in the vicinity.
Parking was sufficient.
There were a few international runners (winners were mainly Kenyans, surprisingly there was also a Japanese runner amongst the podium).


The run was started simultaneously for all 10km which was different from the plan mentioned. No segregation of different categories which created a jam packed start.
No personnel in sight while running down the slope. This is a dangerous slope.

Overall, the event was okay, with a crazy hill climb, and a super slope. Definitely was not prepared for the hill but I guessed I can do better in the future.

Till my next run.

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