Traveling East to India

India is another place that the blogger would love to visit in the coming future with special mention of Taj Mahal and the people and culture. Finding a place to stay in India would be easy based on feedbacks and Google. India is a place where Kama Sutra …

My First KOTR Running Medal 2012

Acquired my KOTR Malaysia 2012 finisher medal and got a lovely certificate to go along with it. Overall the run was greatly organized and I shall be looking forward to future runs of Adidas King of the Road 2012. I am running, have you?

Mari Mari Cultural Village & Sabah Company Trip

Trip to Mari Mari Cultural Village in Sabah Kota Kinabalu has enabled me to learn and experience hands on the culture of the Kadazans, Dusuns living there. It was a great eye opener seeing traditions still exist in this amazing land. Come see Daniel Chew explore these places.

Travel to Athens

Traveling in Greece is something very different. It is one of the oldest city in Europe and it boast of many histories even mythologies like the gods of thunder. Here am I a wanderer trying to summarize my plans as to what is best to do and travel …

Wedding of David and Melissa

David married Melissa on the 10th of August 2012 and I was the heng dai on their wedding day. Well here are some shots caught and edited by me since I did not get to use much of my camera that day. Read the whole story to understand …

Volkswagen The Icon is Back

The Volkswagen has returned with their original Beetle and remodeled for the current era. The Beetle is back and looks classier. Volkswagen unveiled the iconic beetle at KLCC Convention Center and I was there to witness all of it. Look what you have missed out

Protect Yourself While Traveling

It is a great thing to be traveling and wandering, but it is also a good thing to get yourself protected by insuring yourself. Getting a proper insurance is what matters when traveling to other countries. Here are some reasons to buy travel insurance.