Happily Eat, Play, and Relax in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, named from an English officer Sir John Frederick Dickson in 1889. Port Dickson is best known for its marine tourism surrounded by beautiful beaches. Not many expats heard about Port Dickson, however, when you have the chance for a short getaway for anyone to eat, Play and relax … Port Dickson is one of the popular beach holiday, a great escape located only 90 km away from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Short Personal Experiences

To give you a rough personal experience, there are many activities that one can do in Port Dickson. Staying the night at the beach in Port Dickson is also another adventurous thing to do. If you love taking photos, then you can playfully take photos with slow shutter. If one is not that adventurous, just go for a leisure trip with friends and families.

Port Dickson is also a great place to take model style photos as it is situated on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The reason being that one can capture a sun set photo with the model on the foreground. Play with your settings on your camera.

Getaway to Eat, Play & Relax

Of course when you need a getaway to relax, just sit back on the beach of Port Dickson in one of its best resorts. To give you some ideas of where to go, here are a few picks of luxury accommodations from Traveloka.com for your weekend treat:

Eat Play Relax in Port Dickson

Thistle Port Dickson

KM16 Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang, Si Rusa, Port Dickson, Malaysia, 71050
Thistle Port Dickson Resort is occupied with 251 spacious rooms facing the Malacca Strait. You can choose from superior room to the premium suite offering different views either garden or sea view. This hotel is a great choice for both business and leisure, or even beach wedding.

For a holiday with family, you can leave your child in a supervised day care for you to be able to relax a couple of hours in the spa. This hotel provides Kids’ Wet Play Zone in their swimming pool, various options of water sports and other outdoor activities.

What about the beach? Worry not, Thistle Port Dickson has its own 3 kilometre sandy beach for you to relax and sunbath all day long.

ancasa resort port dickson

Ancasa Residences Port Dickson

Batu 8 1/2, Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson, Malaysia, 71050
Sometimes hotel rooms takes away the feeling of home. When you are in a holiday but still want to feel at home, Ancasa Residences in Port Dickson is your best bet.

This accommodation offers spacious and homey apartment with beautiful decoration to give the sensation of ‘A Home Away from Home’. Choose between one to three bedroom apartments to suit your needs, the three bedroom apartment can accommodate up to six people which is perfect for family or friends.

Ancasa Residences sit in front of the popular Pantai Teluk Kemang, promises a great relaxation for anyone who needs a break.

Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port Dickson

3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, Malaysia, 71000
Another four-star accommodation promises you a great serenity escape over a weekend away. Avillion Port Dickson comes with a traditional Malay fishing village concept with rooms ranging from Beach Rooms, Garden Chalets, and Water Suites.

You will never feel closer to the sea but here. Every room comes with private balcony facing the sea. Avillion Port Dickson also offers a range of staying package from a 3D/2N deals to something more personal for the family like ‘Spoil the Kids’ or ‘Best Friend Forever’ package. These kind of deals of course will help you to maximize your vacation days without too much hassles.

There are of course, many other hotels and resorts to stay in Port Dickson. These three that I mentioned are available at Traveloka.com with affordable deals (since their initial price is by itself pricy), all price written on Traveloka.com are final prices included tax and booking fee.

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