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Those that know me, knows I love beaches and diving as my favorite holiday destination. One of my favorite is visiting distant countries to get to know about the different underwater wildlife and also the culture. This time it is all the way to Cuba. If you didn’t know, Cuba had few great beaches around the country.

beach snorkel cuba map

The above are few of the beaches location around the country. As an added bonus, there is also a map of popular snorkeling spots. There are lots of beaches in Cuba, but I will narrow down a few that I would like to mention.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco Beach

Cayo Coco Beach is indeed one of the beautiful beaches in Cuba. Of course when by itself it is an island. The island is well known for it’s pristine white sand which could stretch for miles and miles. The water here is mainly calm, thus ensuring that the sea is crystal clear. One good advantage of being on island is that it is very remote and quiet, thus attracts people who love the serenity and calm of the beach.

Of course, the main land of Cuba could also be reached by using the causeway. This is useful to know that one can go there by land too.

Of course traveling to Cuba is indeed mesmerizing but when would be the best suitable time to go to Cuba? The best time to travel to Cuba is between November and April, after the rains of the wet season and before the hot and sticky discomfort of the summer months. Definitely the best time to avoid the rain at all cost, you would not want to spoil your holiday timing right?


This island deserves a special mention. Why? For honeymoon seekers, this would be a place for you.

jibacoa beach cuba

A resort is why one would go for a honeymoon here. Snorkelers would also enjoy this location a lot with the clear water and the home reef available for snorkeling. Where there are coral reefs, there is definitely loads of wildlife under the sea. For people who crave adventures (like me), scuba diving is another option one could take in this awesome place. (I miss diving)

So if you are thinking of a honeymoon or if you are a scuba or snorkeler enthusiast, this is one place one should go.

Cayo Santa Maria Beach

Cayo Santa Maria Beach

The Cayo Santa Maria Beach is also another popular destination for honeymoon dwellers. This place is perfect for newlyweds looking to enjoy their privacy and also linger amongst other members alike.

Another thing is the existence of dolphins swimming along the coast makes it a romantic trip package all in one.

These are a few beaches in Cuba which I would recommend looking or visiting even once. Of course, sometimes getting a tour would be a better option where the tour agency would help you identify the places you should visit. Though to each their own choices. For me, I would prefer wandering around exploring the places on my own. Word of advice though, if it’s your first time there and you need guidance, best to join a tour or the least, a day tour.

Now let’s say I am thinking of organizing a trip to Cuba, what do you think? Any takers? Let’s say in the near future, maybe year 2017. 2016 then would be the time to save.

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