Malaysia Earth Day Run 2016

Earth Day Run is back on the year 2016. Fast forward from 2015 where I ran my first Earth Day Run. The Earth Day Run 2016 in Malaysia is held at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. What can I say is that the run this year is more of a familiar route compared to the grueling slope a year ago at University Malaya.

Finally my first run for the year and medal are only given to the first 100 participant of each category. By experience, one should aim for around less than 1 hour to get top 100. With my current fitness and no running practice for this year, I didn’t have high hopes. What’s more, I had a corn(skin condition) under my feet.

just arrived earth day run 2016

The plan for me was to start running at a slower pace to get myself used to running once again. Then I could finally pick up pace in order to finish for a medal target. Little did I know there would be a slight mishap.

Something funny happened when the run started. I started my running application only for it to be playing a loud slow music. That was when I had to stop on the side and find a way to stop the music.That was when I took about nearly 1 minute to do the whole process and then I was the last person to run. Yup, the song titled Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao (世上只有媽媽好) was playing.

After disabling and restarting the app, I finally then run a bit faster to chase up with the pack of runners. After chasing the pack and keeping a faster pace, I had difficulty maintaining it after the first hill, practically walking and there goes my hope for a medal. It was only at the 2km mark. The application mentioned that I was running earlier at a pace of 8km/hour. I couldn’t wait to reach my first water station. Even had my shoelaces came loose on the 4KM mark.

daniel chew earth day running pose 2016
“I was holding my mobile towards the last 4KM as the strap kept sliding out. ”

Finally after the first 6KM, I started to pick up a constant running pace at the last 4 KM. My kneecaps started to pain (I guessed the effect for not running for a long time – it was only last year). The haze was not doing me any favors too as I had difficulty breathing using the nose and had to use the mouth. I was practically tilting my neck to face higher and I found that it worked. I was glad I made it in time at the last KM and found brother Tey with his camera. Posed for the shot and ran a little bit faster towards the end. Towards the finish line, I saw that there was a medal available for the current category. Dashed and finally got the medal.

According to the running app, finished at a time of 1 hour 11 minutes. I would factor in another minute for the time wasted and for turning off the app earlier for that slight delay.

Here are some photos with colleagues towards the end of the run.

earthdayrun colleague 1

Posing with the colleagues.

earthdayrun colleague 2

Posing with the more day run 2016 colleague selfie

The 2 medalist from the same company in the open category (missed out one more).


Running now at an event is not cheap with a 10KM run now at MYR60. Thank you for the sponsor though. The run is a breath of hazy fresh air and a good gauge of my current running level. The run was well managed with sufficient water stations (there were 3 stations with supplies of Lucozade and mineral water).

I guessed I would start my run again. The gym sessions I did helped a lot with my stamina this time. No split timings this time around due to the running app has removed that capability. It looks it  is time to change to a different running app. Perhaps looking up into what Zaynez is doing would also help.

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