Daniel Chew’s 2015 Memoirs

Time is now 2:47am dated 1st January 2016 and the new year has come to welcome us to embrace what is unknown as of now to us. As for this blogger who has been away for the past few months, with very little updates about his life, his travels and his photo shooting experiences, it is that time to once again start making resolutions that he hope to keep and to revive his age old blog.

Talking about 2015, it is a year which many things happened.

Bangkok April 6th – 10th 2015

Talking about travels, the only outstation area I did go was Bangkok, Thailand way back in April 2015, a week before the annual Songkran Festival. It was one of those getaways from the busy working life and one of those trips which I did not bring along my Nikon D300. The place is not as conducive for me to bring my DSLR, so guessed I just have to make do with the image captured from the mobile.

daniel chew chatuchak madame tussauds

Aside from the occasional shopping, I finally get to revisit Chatuchak Market after a hiatus since 2006 when I last visited Bangkok. Many things have changed. I was unable to find my favorite ‘byeondaegi’ (in Korean). It was also my first time visiting a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and I must say I was mighty impressed.

Looks like I would be revisiting Bangkok once again, hopefully in 2016.

Wedding of Edmund & Vivie

I haven’t been to a wedding after my wedding and this is finally the first time since 2013. It was great to see a friend finally married and it was also great to see how we all enjoyed the occasion too.

edmund vivie wedding table
Photo by the official photographer of the wedding

Wedding of Apple & Jerry

After missing for a long time, I finally got myself to attend a wedding by a fellow ex-colleague. It was at first awkward meeting back your long lost colleagues and also your ex-bosses but then realization finally kicked in. It was not awkward at all after the ice was broken once more. Anyway thank you Apple & Jerry for inviting me for your awesome wedding.

Wedding of Benjamin & Priscilla

This was the only wedding that I was prepared with my Nikon D300 though I was only helping out for some photos. To catch the full glimpse of the event you can visit here. (I believe the photos could be better, it was also the day I got my new car)

Birth of the Baby Girl

It was on this month of August, the birth of my baby girl has given me bundles of joy.

baby girl

She is now 4 months + right now and as I look back at her older photos, how did she grow up so fast from something so tiny into something so errr…. chubby (ouch…. got pinched) cute.

This is one day I will never forget as it meant a whole new level of my life. A day where I first came to become a parent.

baby girl wondering

These are all happy memories and ones that I would cherish. A new family member has now joined the Chew clan. Sad to say though, there are also sad memories and this is one which I hoped it was a dream.

The Passing Away of my Father

In my life of living from a baby up till now, I remembered how my dad used to go around making friends with everyone. He always ensure that friends can be made everywhere. He passed away 22nd November 2015 and it was a time that I hoped he had more time on Earth. Well dad, I guessed you are now at a better place.

Even though he left us at the mentioned date, he had the opportunity to play with his granddaughter and also being able to celebrate his 67th birthday before his passing away the month after. His memories will be instilled inside everyone of his family for who he is.

bruce lee lookalike dad

He always mentioned that he has this uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee. Always into sports, he has been active in badminton since his childhood days playing for state level in Melaka. He was also an official umpire for official tournaments in the country. One of my memories of him was that he used to coach Foo Kok Keong and co during his younger days while they were still young.

We won’t know why he was taken away in just a short notice, but I guessed God has his plans for him. I miss him as do all his family. Writing this post has also made me a little emo. So ‘pa’, I will tell my little girl who her grandfather is and how awesome he is. Rest in Peace.

What Now?

Now considering that the year 2015 has now ended, it is time to do some self check. Here are the things I think I wanted to do in 2015.

Get myself buffed up to look really good in front of the camera and while on the beach. FAILED
Do more blogging. FAILED
Join more running events FAILED
Pick up php and new technologies. PASSED

Looks like I got myself 1 passed. Time to work on the other 3 for 2016 instead. So how was your 2015? Maybe writing this in the wee hours of the day would ensure that the mojo of blogging would finally return. Let’s hope so.

Till the next time, adios and thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Once again Happy New Year 2016.

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