What You Need to Know About Tipping and Shopping in Costa Rica

It is not hard to think about packing my bags and heading to Costa Rica for a vacation. Since people come from all over the world to tour this place, there are plenty of attractions to keep busy.

Arenal Volcano

Whether being entranced by the Arenal Volcano or taking in breathtaking views and roaming the beaches of Manuel Antonio, this is a place that promises not to disappoint you.

Catarata Rio Celeste Costa Rica

For a nature lover like me, definitely a must to pay a visit to the Catarata Rio Celeste Watefall.

There is one thing that everyone should know about before paying any deposits on Costa Rica Vacation rentals: tipping. Customs are different in every country where you may decide to vacation, but here are some things to consider when tipping, taxes and shopping in Costa Rica.

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Always Ask If the Tax is Included
Sometimes, price tags in Costa Rica may already reflect the 13 percent tax. This can make some things that you want to buy pretty pricey. If the tag does not already include this, be sure to account for that 13 percent so that you are not surprised when it is time to pay.

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Always Know the Exchange Rate
If you have not converted your money to local currency, you should always be aware of the current exchange rate. Without this, you may be paying much more for anything you buy. You do not want to burn through your money simply because you did not check the exchange rate on the day you went shopping. Stay smart by staying in the know.

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Remember to Bargain
Most often, foreign shoppers in Costa Rica are shopping for souvenirs. Locals who know this may inflate prices to get the most for their investments as merchants. They are likely willing to bargain on the price simply because it has been inflated. Some will even give you discounts for paying in cash.

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Restaurants and Other Service Industries
The tip is usually included at restaurants and is reflected in the price you see on the menu. The tip is usually listed as a flat rate service tax of about 10 percent, and often this is stated on the menu. Tips are also included for tours. The main thing to remember is tips are not required, even for hotel maid service or valet parking, but if you receive exceptional service, why not tip?

It is not good to assume that every country has tipping rules like those in the US. Every country is different. Stay abreast of the trends so that you do not end up offending anyone or short-changing yourself. The same can be said in Malaysia. In prominent hotels the people there do expect you to tip, but this is rarely a norm in Malaysia.

If you do know of more places where tipping is like a normal practice in other parts of the world, how much then would you tip?


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