Journey to Kota Kinabalu

It’s time, the flight to Kota Kinabalu is preliminary. Well, and what a time to travel when the flight is 6:50am. Well, early in the morning and the journey’s around 2 hours. To me and my group, it was a time worth waiting for. The trip was already pre-planned since November 2007. *There goes my 5 days leave*

The Plane Has Lifted Off

Even the signboards here are bigger though I wonder what does the signboard means?? Anyone knows what is Ferrata? What I heard was some kind of mountain climbing thing, but what’s it got to do with Sky Walking? Guessed I am just blur.

Well, actually had lunch in some Bayu Restaurant and it was practically the first day, so it was time to check in into Mersilau. Yup, now hikers to Mt Kinabalu need to climb up using Mersilau route unless chosen otherwise via the Timpohon route. But then, of course, instead of going to check in directly to the lodge, why not a bit sightseeing and some photoshooting. Of course with a tad bit of camwhoring.

The group header next. Kundasang Memorial Park was established in 1962, this was one of the first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II. The memorial also remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POWs. Okay history lesson done. But I must say I am impressed with the place. It was really neat.

The place is kept really neat and because of that, we just can’t resist taking photos. When you have Daniel who has a D40 armed, people are just going to start taking photos. It’s also a good way to get to know the rest of the group.

Okay, there are 5 of us in our group, which consist of 2 girls and 3 guys. That’s me taking one shot with the 2 sisters. *Ehem… don’t jealous ya*

Well, of course not forgetting the cameraman who took this shot.

Ching, Ling, Me, Mouse

Yes, self take. If only I had a fish-eye lens, it would be perfect. By the way, a sidenote, all of us are still considered single and available. No change of status yet. *Promote Promote a bit can?”

Seeing everyone is so enthusiastic in photo shots, I have the liberty to teach them how to pose while shooting. Please bare awhile, but I really need to post this shot. Coughs….

Okay, so I’ve overdone it. But if you knew me, you will know I can’t help to pose like that. Okay, let’s carry on with the program. With all due respect we finally checked in the lodge.

Yes, a double decker. Well, budget budget. Nevertheless, to me I had a good sleep. Don’t know about the rest of them. Next time… the climb up to the peak.


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