Genting Highland Shouters

Remember the ShoutOuters, the community from ShoutOut. Yes, this time a few of us are crazy enough to go up to Genting Highlands. Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to Genting, though actually I was there 2 weeks ago before this trip but that was uncalled for. What time was it? 6am, left my house. Yes, Firewire was the driver that day. He drove like 4 of us up there along with him. WHo are the other 3? That’s for you all to find out. So up we go to Genting Highlands in Fifi’s car.

Way Up To Genting

The way up was somewhat surprisingly misty. Well, must be the early morning rain and that contributed to the misty weather. Luckily it was daylight. I can’t believe I drove thru all those misty roads just a few weeks ago myself in the middle of the night. Well, what else did we see.

A Castle In Genting Highlands

A castle along the road?? Hahaha!! Not really a castle, is more like a police quarters when driving up the road. But it was a splendid sight to behold. But but but… of course with all these shots, I am sure I can’t resist to camwhore on my own too and seeing how excited I am to go for this Genting Highlands trip with rest of the Shouters. Well, it’s not everyday I get to go up to Genting’s in a car.

Me The CamGigolo

XXX You May Skip This Photo XXX

Top View Scenery Genting Highlands

Of course, the scenery from above is so unlike the scenery above towns. I am way high up the mountain and could see clouds beneath. It’s so breathtaking. Unlike going to Cameron Highlands, in Genting Highlands, since it’s on the top of the hill, one can see clouds forming up in other smaller hills. That’s why it’s so different taking photos in Genting Highlands. But then just before we reached the top, the group in the car decided to pose for a group shot.

Group Photo I Don’t Look Nice Though
Front : Jeannie, Me, Angeline
Back : FireWire(partly hidden), Aaron@Axial

*sweats* I felt that the wind messes the hair, and u can see the strong wind blowing at Angeline’s hair.Hahaha!!! Okay, so now you know the 5 of us in the car. There are lots and lots of other photos taken but then clogging this blog with full of photos is not gonna do your bandwidth some good. Well, then it was nice shooting but a journey up must still be continued. Well, the other gang driving up still haven’t arrived yet, why not we just go up and do more photo shots. So off the 5 of us carry on our journey.

Tree View On The Hill

This photo somehow looks nice. Solitary trees by the road side near the slope. The cloud was magnificent that day, with the clear blue sky. Ehhh.. It’s like a picture somehow. Anyway remembered that black thingy I showed in my previous post. Haaa.. now have a look at it one more time.

Mysterious Black Blob
What Could It Be??????
Jeng Jeng Jeng………
Black Blob Porcupine
If you know the right answer, just leave it at the comments. Those that went on this trip in the same car can talk about something else. Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜›

There are more pictures to come. So be warned πŸ˜€


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