Genting Highland ShoutOut Finale

Looks like it’s time to wrap up the Genting Highland Trip Camwhore Travel with a finale and a twist. Why?? Twist? Well, that’s for you to find out?

Genting Highland Shouters – Part One
Genting Highland Retro – Part Two

But it was misty that day in Genting, well can say that it was misty all the time I was there. I miss boating, now they don’t even have boating in Genting Highlands back then when I was only 4 to 5 years old.

Genting Theme Park

Nevertheless, it’s still a place for me to remember. Okay, let’s skip to the people of ShoutOut. Yes, you have seen only a few, but what about the rest that went up?

Dinosaur Bone

Well, what can be said. It’s the middle place of where the KL shouters can meet the Penang shouters and vice versa. I am gonna break it down to 2.

Shouters From KL Shouters From Penang Flying Shouters

Okay there is another group which are the flying shouters. Well, they sort of flew there.

I wished for more special interaction though. Ehhh.. I meant normal kind of interaction okay.. don’t make any conclusions yeah..

I Summon The Shouters

So I summoned them all to come to Genting…. and lo and behold…. *JENG JENG JENG*

The Other Shouters

The gang arrived… a MAMAK O.o what the???My summoning power… Or maybe I am just too hungry, so they all drop down at the mamak stall in Genting Highlands. Huh?? You didn’t know that there was a mamak stall in Genting Highlands? Well, there is and well hidden too!! XD

The events that happened in Genting Highland ranges from theme park rides, casino lucks and most of all camwhoring action. Well, where did we stay this time. In this hotel, Theme Park Hotel.

Theme Park Hotel

The garden is a spectacular place to chat about at night too (If you get what I meant)… Anyhow all pleasant splendid trips come to an end at a point. I must say it was fun to have these guys/gals as my friends and acquaintances be it where we are around the earth or rather Peninsular Malaysia. Some selected photos taken.

Satkuru Ponders

Though we have some weird things going on at the Park. Wonder what Satkuru is pondering about?? Must be some weird stuffs eh….

The Ketiak Scene

Priceless… I leave it to your imagination…. *runzzzzzz*

So what do we do as Shouters. We pose for the cameras. So don’t you just wished you can join us too. Join us at ShoutOut and be part of our next trip.

Final Potrait

Heee… 🙂 Adios people until our next trip. Oh I think there is another trip.


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