Genting Highlands Retro

If you haven’t been following, this is the continuation of the previous Genting Highlands Trip with Shouters.

Genting Highland Shouters – Part One

Genting hasn’t reached it’s limit. Well, previously we only have 5 of us in the car. Well, what about the rest??? Where the heck are they? Well.. just wanted to present to you more photos of Genting Highlands. Well, to tell you guys the truth, the sky there was really really nice that day. Super blue……Just look at the picture below

Views at Genting Highlands

Nice capture, though the streetlight sort of err… like a lamp post. XD Well, I am sure some of you would know what building is at the back. The infamous Ria Apartments!! Why is it infamous, well, that’s for some of you people to find out. Or just email me if you want to know.

Cradle Rock in Genting Highlands
Photo Taken By Angeline using my Nikon D40 with my settings *I hear a ahbish coming right up* XP

Well, seeing that it was a nice day to take photos, well, human photos are bound to be taken. So what else to do but to camwhore freestyle. Just when we reached the summit and went walking about in Gentings while waiting for our checkin master who hasn’t even arrived yet, there are bound to be plentiful shots of us running around, doing our poses and stuffs.

Jeannie and Angeline Pose
Jeannie and Angeline

Though speaking about Genting Highlands, just look at the picture above. Hehehe.. notice something out of the ordinary. XP Well, don’t be afraid yeah, though we all know Genting Highlands has got it’s taste of the story. But then speaking of which, I need to be in the mood to take a photo like that too.

Horror movie Setting Pose

Like some old photos being dug out to reveal the same place but different lighting. Damn… I guessed I belong to the 60s. T.T Anyways it’s some nonsense stuffs I thought up. Well, but then this doesn’t stop all our camwhoring at all.

Lover Bridge Genting

We continued inwards and this was one of those photos taken at First World Plaza. Well, inside boat ride, under the Lover’s Bridge. Hehehe.. A bit dark though, well, there ain’t enough lights inside.

These are all just the beginning. Now imagine if we were all in theme parks. You could have imagined the theme park photos, busy taking photos.

Flying Chairs

Now lookie here, if anyone can recognize, that’s Satkuru, Wendy and Angeline on the chairs. Satkuru more likely to say, “Haiyoh…. Why they all so far from me XP”. Notice that Jeannie is hidden behind Satkuru. Well, they are really having fun I tell ya. This is the problem if you’re the one with the camera. Hardly get to enjoy a ride at all.


To say that Genting has got it’s place for photography, there is. Well, was busy taking this photo along with Aaron and Hugo. Guessed what happened, later, we’re being jumped upon by clowns. Hehehe… well, it’s fun getting to know them though. Here they are.

Poses With Clowns

Though I must say that Hugo seems to enjoy it. While Aaron does his Eye Pose and ME… errrr… nothing to say. Oh yea… you can actually visit both their sites for more photos. What about the others?? Well, time is up and I don’t want to post too much photos at one time. Heee.. *excuses* Oh my look at the time. *poof*

Till then… adios.


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