Bukit Tabur PreTraining Hike

Alright, I agree I was kinda lazy these few days, but what can I do when I am still on a holiday mood when I was up and away to East Malaysia in Sabah. Well, I was there for 6 days, and there’s bound to be lotsa stuffs to talk about.

Climbing Mt Kinabalu was really tough but in order for me to get myself prepare for this gruesome climb, I need some pre-training hike and what a better place to do that than Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill). Yes, if you’ve been following me, I think some of you have seen some snapshots of Tabur Hill but those pictures were like some kind of crap photos. But I assure you this time, it’s gonna rock.

Imagine looking from the cliff above and see like there’s two world’s apart. One on the right is civilization, another on the left is a lake . It was misty that day, so pictures are bound to be “mistified“.

It’s not surprising to see how the sky was during that day and with a good cloud, the reflection was worth it, only to be spoiled by mist around. Nevertheless, it was good enough.

Want to know how high we were, I have a fellow photographer here who is also part of the training team with me to climb up Mt Kinabalu. Well, now you know how high we were, but then actually how high we really were. Well, maybe the next photo can help clear your doubts.

What?? I can even spot Genting Highlands up there?? Wow… the picture came out clear as usual and from the angle I took that photo, it’s pretty obvious we were high enough to shoot that. Now tell me, how high we were. Hehehehe… yes… super HIGH…. told you I am not all the time WEIRD but just that the way I say it. What the heck am I saying. *sweats* I really lost my touch already. But then this blog post is all about Bukit Tabur which is my training place and I am sure you all want to see more of it.

I love this shot, this giant beetle was seen buzzing here and there that I just have to get a shot of it. Yeah, I know it’s weird, why take a picture of a beetle when it’s about Bukit Tabur. If some of you remembered, I took a picture of a scorpion last time I climbed to Bukit Tabur. Though I really love the scorpion pic.

If you really love outdoor sports and some rope climbing, well this is a place to be. Well, it’s also a good training for the rope climb up Mt Kinabalu though. Well, who says that there are no ropes up Mt Kinabalu. Heee… though this rope is around 90 degrees abseiling down. The funny thing is that we have to get one person to go down which takes quite a while.

Of course no trip is complete without me appearing in it. Heeee.. ok next..

Now of course there are few people who went up with me. Now how can I forget them. They have been a very cheerful lot. Having them around, I really am glad that they are there. 2 Guys, 2 Gals.

I am being trapped by 2 Sony DSLR users. One is holding an A200 while the bigger size one is holding an A350 Model. While me, the lone Nikon user armed only with my D40 and my kit lense, gets shot by the both of them. Dang….. where are the other Nikon users. Come join me in my next expedition. Oh ya… the one holding the Sony Alpha 350 is the one who went up with me to Mt Kinabalu. So now that you know, prepare for more pictures in the next post right XP

Of course nothing is complete without a group photo towards the end. I must say it’s indeed a good trip up there. Got this photo from EkWei of A350 user. Well, total of 7 of us who went up there. If you’re interested to join us next time, why not inform me. It’ll be anytime next month. With me around, I can bet that there will be more adventures ahead. Don’t you just want to be weird me.

Till the next post. Adios..


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