Redang Trip June

Don’t know what to say, but let’s take a break from another Sabah adventure and focus on what’s coming up next? Yes, there will be a trip up to Redang Island in the coming month, though the number of people going is still not sure. I need to book the rooms ya. So if you’re late, I will go ahead with the plan that there are only 6 people. So if you’re really going, tell me you’re going and get ready to pay a deposit for this trip.

Anyway speaking about Redang Island, I went and look into my old old photo archives and found out and old old photo of me in Redang Island for the first time which was year 2004. Yes, that’s like 4 years ago and it was the year I graduated. Those days, I can really see corals thriving near the sea bed and the amount of fishes. There were no banana boat that time. Not so much pollution and destroyed corals. Well, even the More More Tea Inn was in perfect condition.

Daniel Chew in Redang 2004
It was Year 2004 and that was how it look then, The More More Tea Inn

Well, looking back at these old photos, I do missed those times with fellow coursemates going for trips and such. Besides the trip to Redang Island was my first time sitting on a plane. Yup, I was a bit anxious to have my first plane ride. But those times, I don’t really pose for the camera. Hardly pose, which explains how plain those photos were that time.

Laguna Redang Resort Pose 2004
2 Guys and 4 Girls

Yeah, it was a fun outing, I must say, well, memories will indeed be memories. Treasure them. Everytime I arrived in Redang, it makes me think of how much fun it was. Well, not to mention the amount of girls that went during that trip. XD 4 years have passed. What else has changed?

More More Tea Head Figures
The 3 Placards at More More Tea which were still unharmed that time

Now what do you see on the picture above. Yes, it’s a totally different story now. 2 heads are now gone with don’t really know what happened to it. Yes, if you were to go to Redang to witness this place and take the same pics like what I did, you’ll bound to be disappointed with the beheaded placards.

So anyway, I once again appeal, those that are going to go for this June’s trip, please confirm with me as fast, if not I will have to leave without you or rather if it doesn’t work out, I will not bother doing anymore trips at all.


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