Last Memories of Mount Kinabalu

It was a pity, it all had to end so fast. Well, finally after what seemed to be more of a trilogy of events in Kota Kinabalu, the part has to end with us leaving the mountain. Yes, on the way down I took a feel of doing panaromic shots of a mountain from the view of Villosa Hut. What view to be seen though?

Of course if you didn’t catch my previous post regarding this trip, here they are.

Part 1 – Flight To Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Part 2 – Pulau Manukan Exploration
Part 3 – Kota Kinabalu Exploration Day
Part 4 – Kundasang War Memorial and Poring Hot Springs
Part 5 – Expected Climb Up Mt Kinabalu

By the way it was stitched together with Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Panaroma of One of Mt Kinabalu

Click on image to view a larger image.

This post will be more of a personal type. More group photos to commemorate the time the group had together.

Daniel at Villosa Hut

Alright, I lied. It’s more for me to show how did Daniel trekked down the mountain. Noticed anyone else familiar in this photo? I bet some of you would know. By the way, the weather was bad when we trekked up in the middle of the night. Raining and strong wind. But did we made it?

Daniel Chew With Kinabalu Cert

What does the cert says? Ya, Daniel made it this time, to the 8km post but not to the top. Don’t have anymore photos of the peak to see, since the weather isn’t good. It’s all dark and not as bright as my previous climb. If you want to catch a glimpse of what’s at the top, do refer to my old post a year ago.

So to not put our hopes down, we still pose with our cert.

Normal Group With Their Cert

Don’t be fooled, they are not as normal as they seem to be. Look what they did to ME.

DanielCtw being Bullied

ARGHHHHHHHH~~~~~ Seee, I was innocent all the time. I can’t believe I was even in the same group with them. Such barbarians.

Heck even the friendly turtle in the pond NO EYE SEE us already. Drop my water face.

Turtle No Eye See Us

So will I make another comeback next year? I think I will, this time with my brothers and another group.

ps : I actually just came back from another trip. That explains my lack of updates these few time around.

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