Kota Kinabalu Exploration Day

It was finally the second day of our trip in Kota Kinabalu where I will meet the rest of the group. Weird thing though is that this is the event before the island trip to Pulau Manukan. The weather wasn’t fine thus I took limited shots.

Here are the past episodes in case you dropped here via search engines.

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Part 2 – Pulau Manukan Special

So walking on at Kota Kinabalu town, we stopped at what we called the KK Street Market. Hmmm lot of things to see, though none I would buy. I am impressed though with some of the collections.

Nikon D300 Shots

Kota Kinabalu Street Market

This feels just like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur where there are tonnes and tonnes of souvenirs and handicrafts. Of course one thing that amazes me is a Top or a “Gasing” locally made. How does it look like though?

Spinning Top Gasing

Now who would have thought of playing a “gasing”/top using this method. The funny thing though, this top produces sound because they punctured a hole in the center. The peddler was demonstrating the way to play the Top over and over again. Well, I was fascinated and my first time seeing this type of design.

Seafood Noodle

Now then after what seemed fascinating, then the group of us had our breakfast which is seafood noodle that was supposingly famous there called New Man Tai. Of course the way it was arranged is a LITTLE BIT WEIRD. Then after that you will now know that we gone to the island hop which was the previous post in Pulau Manukan.

After the island trip, we came back to the Jetty and yes walked the way back to the condominium. On the way saw a few native fishing boats.

Kota Kinabalu Fishing Boats

What a wonderful sight living just beside the sea. Well, you can hardly see these kind of atmosphere in the coming future, so why not cherished it by taking some photos so that when the future comes, people can see what a sight the past holds. After like minutes of walking, finally reached the desired destination. The Marina Court Condominum.

Marina Court Condominium Kota Kinabalu

Having stayed in this condominium before, of course it is to no wonder why I chose to stay there a second time. First of all, it’s just facing the sea and security wise, still good. Of course they have a swimming pool (though I didn’t get to use it). Well, to think about it, it’s also feasible to go clubbing (if you’re a club kaki) since the club is just situated on the opposite side of the road.

What about the interior? Well, you cannot say it’s not nice, just look at what one of my friends did when she saw the bedroom.

Love the MasterBedroom in Marina Court

Janice can’t wait to touch the soft soft bed and most probably to sleep on it. Hahaha!!! Well, too bad though, we only get to spend one night here first before embarking on the next day towards the mountain. But it sure was comfortable. So to commensurate the staying there, a few of us went shooting at the top of the condominium.

Top Sunset View of Kinabalu Sea View Marina Court Condo

So this is the result. Though if the clouds weren’t there, I would have waited for sunset at the horizon. Just too bad though. But to tell the truth none can compared with the scenery I took a year ago of the same location where the sunset lights were so much nicer.

Night falls and all can’t seem to wait for the following day. Of course me and a few of us went out to have dinner, and occasionally the bunch I am in are all hungry people. So what to do. EAT then.

DanielCtw Eating Dinner In KK Town

Now back to condo and everyone had a good night rest. (Of course the same can’t be said of my stomach though.) The following day all getting ready for the long hour van ride.

Kinabalu Mountain Peak From Afar

Moving on, we drove to a certain place where there is this watch tower. We can go up and take photos of the peak. Compared to last year, this year the peak is visible. Of course, seeing the peak there DanielCtw would love to take a picture before starting my journey.

DanielCtw Pose With The Peak

Okay, please skip this photo. Not worth looking at. I know T_T

Knowingly the dry season, it was very hot and the weather in Malaysia which is also humid, made me sweat a lot. Though there are occasional breeze here and there.

It was so hot until some of us have to cower to look for shade and away from the sunlight.

Hide From The Sun

OMG!! See what I told you. It really was a HOT HOT DAY!! That’s my other friend who came up with me a year ago, on a mission to conquer the mountain for the second time.

Since we’re already here and already checked into a Cabin called the Rose Cabin, the next trip is to the Poring Hot Spring.

Poring Hot Springs Entrance

Poring Hot Spring – a place where I don’t fancy the hot water. Hmmm.. then what do I fancy then?

ps : I am sure some of you must be wondering where are the other photos for this place. Well, I didn’t upload any in Flickr yet until I finished my Kinabalu journey posts. So sorry, but remind me if I didn’t do it. Though I must say lots of them I haven’t put up even a year ago.

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