A month to Mt Kinabalu

I can’t wait for the next trip. Yes, the following month, I can finally be on my way to climb the highest peak in South East Asia. It’s at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia. Though I think this won’t be the end of my sudden rush of outings and trips and even holidays.

Based on my research on Mount Kinabalu according to WikiTravels, one can go to the top of Low’s Peak which is about 4,095.2m above sea level but the height of the mountain is often given as 4,101m. Well, I guessed certain things I really do need to prepare which is in this case, gloves, thick shirts and maybe a ski mask. It’s bound to be cold there. More so, my parents has been up to Mt Kinabalu and I haven’t.

Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu Photos as seen in wikitravel

The trip takes up about 6 days and because it’s cheap for the amount of days traveling there, well.. I will take it. Well, getting cheap holidays package is what I would want to find. Roughly estimated around RM1k inclusive of flight tickets. For 6days and 5nights with extras of white water rafting, Island visits, hot spring and 1 day free and easy, it’s definitely worth it.

Ehh.. that reminds me, I am going to organize a trip to Bali somewhere around August. Well, so far I have 3 persons confirmed going on that day. Well, I hate last minute confirmation for this trip though as it’s not going to wait. The longer you wait, the space will become full. Well, why am I the organizer? I am thinking of going into the travel industry sometime in the future, so I need support.

There are people who asked me, do you prefer island trips or land trips, I prefer islands. Well, that explains why I always go to Redang Island yearly. 😀

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