Kundasang War Memorial and Poring Hot Springs

There are many places that one can be while on the way to the peak. Well, since we’re on the way to the peak. The places that one can visit is the Kundasang War Memorial Park and the Poring Hot Springs. Well, it’s not that I haven’t been there before but it looks like this the last time I went. Though previously I wasn’t as good a photographer as now. Well, here’s a photo I took last year.


Now imagine this. This was taken last year. Now how about this year?

Well, we started by of course, going thru the entrance.


Well, not as beautiful, but nevertheless since this is a memorial park, things should be as simple. Also they charge us RM2 per entry (Malaysians only price). Well, understandably it’s needed so they can continue maintaining the place.

Well, this place really is beautiful that my friend here Mouse Law even gave a very high rating for it. He praise it till I just need to snap his photo.


Hmm… what victory? Basically this Kundasang War Memorial is to remember the Australian soldiers that served in the World War 2 in Kundasang. Why Australia? Look at the next piece of photo.


Now lookie here. Doesn’t it look like the Australia continent engraved onto the grass. Well, it sure does to me. No one are allowed to step on the grass though, so lucky to have my zoom lens with me.Well, I am sure this is one beautiful well taken care of memorial park.


Compared to the photo I took last year, this year’s photo of the memorial park is way way different. Well, I think it’s more of an improvement.


But I guessed you people must be thinking that there is too many photos about the Memorial Park.

Well, to cut the long story short, a fast trip to Poring Hot Springs the following day. Now Hot Spring is really hot spring. Well, where am I? I should appear right? That’s where I am.

Poring Hot Springs EntranceStation

Where there is hot spring, that means that there is water. Where there is water, means I will get wet. Ho ho ho… But this time I will be informative a little bit and tell you stuffs about the Poring Hot Spring. Well, being in the hot spring, unlike the hot spring I had in Sungai Klah, this one is a bit too modern to my liking. Imagine getting hot water from taps. Rather this place in Sabah is more like a bath tub where you can turn the tap and hot water flows out. Kinda spoil the fun for me though.

Hot Water Bathtub Poring Hot Springs

Other than that, since there is natural hot spring, there is bound to have mountain water flowing and you guessed it there are waterfalls. There is also a bat cave situated way inside, but since time is limited, I can only go to the waterfall. Well, not everywhere is man made structures, there are also the flora and fauna life if you were to track even deeper. This reminds me of a bug that suddenly landed on the other side of my palm.

Bug On DanielCtw's Hand

Now lookie here. The bug on my hand seems harmless. Well, I find it so weird, it’s just a beetle though. Though I hoped to find out what species and what is it’s full name. 4 yellow spots on it and yes, it’s not ticklish or anything, or rather maybe Daniel just have thick skin that he doesn’t mind insects walking on him.

Though there is something else that could be seen while walking towards the waterfall. Imagine the shocking faces of people around when they saw it. I can’t believe it though.

DanielCtw Reached Poring Waterfall

Well, yup. This photo shows how little water was flowing down the supposed lots of water waterfall. I was shocked. But then that’s not the real reason. Something lurks in the background and in the water. I decided to take a quick shot and to my horror… there’s something there. Something really there.

Figure In Water

Oh my goodness? Incredible Hulk? Mr Malaysia? Not really, it’s just some handsome young man doing kungfu poses in the waterfall. Wow! Who is that young man down there?

DanielCtw Kung Fu in Waterfall


Well, that wraps up the end of the waterfall and the hot springs. Night came and everyone had their dinner and the guys are gearing up what was supposed to be the hardest climb in South East Asia the following day. So with everyone had their fill, it was time to get a group shot.

Guys KK Group Photo Together

The guys having their last meal before their gruelling climb up Mountain Kinabalu.

Stopping right here now, I will update my blog a little more frequent. Been missing some time and thanks to all those who read my previous post before this. Thanks for the wishes and your kind words 🙂


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