Expected Climb Up Mt Kinabalu

That day has arrived, everyone gearing up to go up the mountain. I wished I was in bed though and the journey started later, but No~~~

Double Decker Bed

Guess where did I sleep? The upper bunk or the lower bunk?

But then how can I start a journey so troublesome without an energy drink? Hmmm.. think Tongkat Ali? Red Bull? Nahhhh, it’s Ginger Tea ‘O’. Those who are mamak kakis would know it’s Tea with sugar with ginger essence. But little did I know it’s a bit different here.

Ginger Tea O

OMGoodness, it’s a ginger in the tea. Amazing. I’ve never tasted something so original such as this, I must say, do try it if you are there though. Well, other than the plain old Coffee and Tea, take something like this. Helps to clear the ‘wind’ in your stomach.

So then we finally reached to the base of the track. Rather we’re taking the Mesilau trail up, which is another extra 2km walk. There are a total of 10 of us. Well, some of us are bloggers while some are my ex-colleagues.

Kota Kinabalu Group Photo

A big group photo and also another SS (‘syiok sendiri‘) small group photo consist of 2 big 2 small.

Mesilau Warriors
From left : David, Aaron, Daniel & Mouse

Now do you get by what I say 2 Big 2 Small. Hahaha!! Pose in front of the Mesilau Nature Resort Site Plan Board. Armed with our walking sticks and DSLR, we are ready to face our challenge.

As most of you know, I’ve climbed the mountain last year and this time I am prepared, so I had Mouse followed me on the trail together. Well, so far he was the only one who can keep up with my speed. I was very tired and the rain came pouring for awhile.

DanielCtw Resting and Pose

That explains why I was wearing a sweater, or a sports sweater. Whatever you call it. Still got time to pose eh? Of course though, my friend Mouse would complain if he wasn’t given the chance to pose himself too. Well, what can we say, partner in SS crime of climbing this mountain at the 6km mark.

Excited Mouse Law on Kinabalu Mountain

Just another 2 more km to reach the base camp at Laban Rata.

But isntead of just walking up the steps, why not show a little bit of the flaura and fauna life along the trek. At least something to feast your eyes upon if we even bothered to look. I mean, it’s a wonderful creation out there and best we don’t miss it.

Amazing Leaf Structure

A unique leaf

Wild Pitcher Plant

A wild pitcher plant or some call it the Monkey’s Cup

Yes, you can see these stuffs along the way, but if you look hard enough, you might see life walking/ slimying about.

Aside from the normal flora, there are fauna or rather animal/living being spotted.

Slug Found Moving

Yes, a peculiar Weird Looking Slug.

Lesson Time : Slugs are just like snails without the shell.

Your Friendly Neigborhood Kinabalu Squirrel

Also the friendly neigborhood Kinabalu Mountain Squirrel.

Though I think we spoilt it as we’re feeding it Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

What did we do after that, it was time we reached Laban Rata and checked in into our designated rooms. The thing is that though, there aren’t anymore photos at Laban Rata due to the tiredness everyone of us felt. It’s time to get some rest before the next summit climb at 2am in the morning. Yes… 2am. More will be revealed and hopefully it will finally end all the delayed post.

It’s getting late over here and I guessed it’s time for me to hit the sack. So be prepared for a super fast update in the days to come. Till then, Adios.


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