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Journey to Tibet Namtso Lake

It’s time to recap. It’s now the 11th post in the Tibet category and there are more to come. If you haven’t read the rest before that, you may refer to the list below. Clicking the links below will open a new tab or ...Read More

More Monasteries and Mt Everest

Looks like Mt Everest is upcoming in this post. Or is it? When I first stepped into Pelkhor Chode Monastery, I was thinking to myself, not another monastery. I was hoping that we could actually go on our way to the trip towards Mt ...Read More

The Weird Blue Lake at Tibet

Finally it’s the day to leave Lhasa town for a while and go on my way to the Base camp of Mount Everest. Yes, I will be traveling to a peak higher than Mount Kinabalu and the place I am going is nearly 6000m ...Read More

Moving around Lhasa Tibet

Is my blog moving? Hmm… well, after like a few months and promising that I’ll update my blog frequently, I did for awhile but only to neglect posting about Lhasa Tibet backpacking trip. Well, here is Daniel once again, in the middle of the ...Read More

Monastery Visitation in Tibet

Yo it’s me again Daniel (known as DanielCtw) and time for a recap of my Tibet adventures. This post will take a super long time for me to write about the whole thing due to the many days I spent there. Of course any ...Read More

Visiting the Drepung Monastery Tibet

Going to Tibet reminds people that it’s a place full of monks. So this was where and when the 3 of us Tibet travelers gone on a guided tour to monasteries. Our target location is Drepung Monastery. Located at about 3900m above sea level, ...Read More